No matter what, someone cares about you

There are hidden sides to losing someone. ... more

Reflecting on our ‘Breaking the Silence’ series

No one is immune to the pain of losing someone to suicide. ... more

We all have a role in reducing, preventing child abuse

Each of us has a role to play in the lives of youth... more

The wall does heal; Put Planning Commission into art — Letters to the Editor, April 20, 2019

‘Truth’ is the first casualty in any war and has become unrecognizable by the time the first shot is fired... more

Hopefully, understanding autism can help lower some raised eyebrows

I didn’t know much about autism when my son and I met in 2006... more

Wonderful 'Wiz'; Angels on tower — Letters to the Editor, April 17, 2019

The countless hours needed to work with a group of youngsters this size is an accomplishment on its own... more

The 90by30 Project and K(no)W More

The project is a community-wide effort to reduce child abuse and neglect... more

Some help and hope for Oregon’s suicide crisis

Clearly, silence hasn’t worked... more

Wouldn't water tower be better; Kent represent Zone 4 — Letters to the Editor, April 10, 2019

Florence — America’s Most Beautiful Small Town... more

Mural selection result of long, public process

This is simply one piece in what we hope will be a growing, exciting collection of artwork in Florence. ... more

Proposed mural design does not represent Florence

That’s a very, very small group that simply can’t represent the majority Florence... more

Preventing suicide is a collaborative effort

In 2018, more than 800 people in Oregon took their own lives. ... more

Revisit Mural; Partisan City Council; Additional FURA proposal; Mapleton Fireworks; National Emergency — Letters to the Editor, March 27, 2019

Something very wrong happened at the March 18 Florence City Council meeting... more

Clarification on our coverage of the March 18 City Council Meeting

Clarification on our coverage of the March 18 City Council Meeting... more