Santa Summit prompts Greenland to establish ‘No-Fly Zone’

Greenland, a peace-loving country that proudly proclaims it has never waged war on anyone, recently passed a resolution allowing persons dressed as Santa to be harpooned on sight.... more

Making Florence brighter; Sexual Harassment needs proof — Letters to the Editor 12-16-17

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Current pendulum swing targeting sexual harassment is wide — and necessary

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Kettle support; contrary plastic rules; billing curiosity — Letters to the Editor 12-9-17

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Guest Viewpoint — Cutting Medicare: Prelude or paranoia?

Currently, 57 million enrollees and families are at risk of program cuts of $25 billion just for 2018, and more than $250 billion through 2027.... more

Men are from NAPA, women are from Macy’s

Being a man myself, I can attest to the fact that we enter the store with absolute purpose, and continue walking that way, even if we have know idea where we’re going.... more

Dems and Reaganomics; Will Oregon be strong? Letters to the Editor 12-2-17

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Dark side and bright side to local housing

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Not all rosy; positive words for OCHS; Water wrongs — Letters to the Editor 11-29-17

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A legacy of leading with levity and honesty

Harry always managed to balance honesty and levity in a way that reinforced standards and expectations without ever making you feel incapable.... more

Act on housing; Lead by example, guns regulation in Israel — Letters to the Editor 11-22-17

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Thankfulness is the levity we need

There is a growing inability to live in “real” time and in those moments with one another that remind us of the things for which we are thankful. ... more