Yamaha better than a vacant lot; Visitor Center would be better than Yamaha; Do something rather than talk — Letters to the Editor, Oct. 30, 2019

Vacant building not a ‘grand entrance’ to Old Town

In response to the letter from Gerry Welch (“Yamaha At Gateway Seems Like Bad Idea,”  Oct. 26), I’d like to point out a couple of things.

First of all, the owner of Florence Yamaha also owns the piece of property mentioned at South Jetty and Highway 101. He is unable to locate his dealership there because the property is zoned residential, not commercial.

Second, while this property is “in walking distance to an area now used by ATV’s,” I don’t know of anyone who would want to push their ATV and all their equipment about a mile down the road to be able to access the dunes.

Also, driving ATV’s on South Jetty or any other street is illegal, so the Old Town streets should not become testing grounds.

Anyone who was not at the meetings discussing Florence Yamaha’s relocation to the Pro Lumber site, or who did not voice their opinion before the decision was made, has no right to complain.

The decision to allow the relocation of Florence Yamaha has been made, so further discussion is not necessary.

Lastly, having the building occupied by Florence Yamaha will be a far better sight than a huge vacant building at our “grand entrance” to downtown.

—Cheryl Prchal


Visitor Center would be better fit than Yamaha

I am really surprised that the Visitor’s Center/Chamber of Commerce is not going to take the space being vacated by Pro Lumber at Maple and the 101.

They could offer so much more information about the area in that space, and so many more services, including expanded exhibit space for a variety of promotional activities and/or vendors.

The parking lot could have a rotation of food trucks, a coffee cart, vendors of local and regional items, etc.

It might lighten the Bay Street load in tourist season, and facilitate that Bay Street parking solution I hear the Transportation Advisory Committee has been charged with figuring out.

Maybe Bay Street can become more foot traffic and bicycle traffic friendly if there is a hub of commercial activity two blocks away. 

Just sayin’.

—Ivy Medow


Do something rather than talking about it

The Letter to the Editor from Matt Danielsson (“Focus on Deeds Rather Than Words,” Oct. 26) was offensive to me, and I’m sure to those folks who’re working to get the climate catastrophe word into the public consciousness.

Those people on the corners with their signs are also the folks who patrol 101 and 126 for debris, who are eradicating invasive species from our dunes, who are lobbying our federal, state and local governments to recognize the existential threat we are all facing.

Yes, each of us should be doing our part, but to call out those who are actually doing something instead of joining in is not helpful. 

C’mon, Matt, step up.

I’ll help and you’ll be so very welcome.

—Patricia Burke



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