Wouldn't water tower be better; Kent represent Zone 4 — Letters to the Editor, April 10, 2019

Florence — America’s Most Beautiful Small Town

Wouldn’t the water tower be a better canvas? 

It is incongruous to me why our Public Art Committee (PAC) would go far afield to find an artist. We live in Florence because we don’t want the hassle of big city life.

We certainly don’t want a frazzled city dweller’s version of our fair city.

A simple beautification project would be to paint the Spruce Street water tower. It is a common topic among friends as to why the city neglects it so.

It could be painted three times around the circumference, so it can be read from Highways 101 and 126:

“Florence — America’s Most Beautiful Small Town”

I’d be willing to bet that we could get the paint, labor and equipment donated.

Failing that, a subscription to get ‘er done for a damned site less than $48,000!

—Ian Eales


Kent should represent Zone 4 on Lane ESD

I’m voting for Nora Kent for Lane Educational Service District Board. I devoted 32 years of my professional life to teaching students from kindergarten through middle school in private and public schools in New York and California.

Here’s why I believe Nora Kent is the best person to fill this important position:

1. Nora is a lifelong educator who has experience in alternative programs with students of all ages and backgrounds.

2. She has developed programs for students and families of varying needs.

3. She is currently an instructor at LCC Florence where she teaches GED testing prep and Adult Basic Skills.

4. She has organized a number of community events to raise our awareness about issues facing our students and families.

5. Nora supports our schools through promoting levy and bond measures.

6. She will be a voice for the needs of rural school districts including ours. 

In Kent’s own words she states, “I want all of our students in Lane County to have the opportunity to succeed.”   

Given this information alone, I urge your support of Nora Kent by voting for her to represent Zone 4 on the Lane ESD Board.

—Judith Preisler



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