Wonderful 'Wiz'; Angels on tower — Letters to the Editor, April 17, 2019

The countless hours needed to work with a group of youngsters this size is an accomplishment on its own

The wonderful ‘Wiz’

It takes a village — or in this case,  the entire Siuslaw school enrollment, most parents, talented directors, artists, costumers, businesses and one small puppy — to present an amazing production of “The Wiz.”

I attended Saturday night’s performance, and as someone who has been involved for most of my younger years with all aspects of theater and what it entails to succeed, I was more than impressed with what this CROW group has accomplished.

Starting with the wonderful printed program,  it is impossible to isolate any one performer,  musician, stage hand and/or dancer  for kudos;  but certainly director Melanie Heard and the assistant directors Maree Beers and Genevieve Meltzer deserve special recognition for their commitment to the youth of our community.

The countless hours needed to work with a group of youngsters this size  is an accomplishment on its own. I have witnessed smaller adult groups in situations meet with much less success and discipline — and thus the result are below-par productions. 

So to all involved: A job well done!  Be proud that a community of this size can so successfully achieve to this high level.

The CROW organization has been a Godsend for so many of our youth — and is instilling great goals and self confidence in their young lives. It certainly tops sitting around endlessly with their “cyber” toys.

So, many thanks to all involved with CROW and those who were any part of such an entertaining evening at the FEC. I hope this organization can continue to grow and expand. 

The sky is the limit with our donations, however large or small.

I will be awaiting the next CROW  production and encourage all to do the same.


—Sue Hale


Angels on the water tower

I agree with Ian Eales’ Letter to the Editor (“Wouldn’t The Water Tower Be A Better Canvas?” April 10) that the tower would be a good canvas for a mural.

Florence has a lot of angels doing good work helping people in need. I think it would be a good way to say “Thank You” for all their hard work and good deeds.

Also as a way to thank all those that are no longer with us that have done so much for our community.

I would like to see angels painted on the water tower — men, women, children and even a couple of dog angels.

So... angels, please.

—Minn Depweg



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