Wonderful people; take care on roads — Letters to the Editor, Dec. 1

Some wonderful, caring people in Florence

Thursday morning (Nov. 29), a wonderful thing happened. A little lost and scared dog was wandering in Idelwood. As I tried to get him into my car, he went out on Rhododendron Drive traffic.

People stopped — at least eight or nine cars — in both directions to help corral this dog on the road. Finally, with a towel over its head, two men grabbed him, another woman opened her car door, and the little dog was put inside to safety.

He had a collar and tags, so I hope the humane society is able to find its owner.

These people were so good and caring.

Thank you so much to all of those who helped. 

—Robin Malavasic


Take extra care on roads to protect children, teens

As the days shorten and darkness and rainclouds descend upon us, impaired visibility makes it ever more urgent to be alert to children and teens, whether they are walking, skateboarding, scootering, biking or riding school buses.

They depend on us to see them and to keep them safe. School district transportation supervisor Tammy Trenholm and her staff have revised bus routes to minimize the number of students who must cross the road in front of buses, but there is always a chance — when those “Stop” signs are out and those red lights flash — that children might be crossing the street in front of you.

It is never okay to pass a bus with lights flashing. Also, school buses do a lot of stops and starts — so they travel slower than other traffic, especially south of the bridge.

So please be cautious and patient when following them and only pass when it is safe to do so. Our 1,400 students, their families and I all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

—Suzanne Mann-Heintz


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