With the Friends of the FEC, ‘you know you’re going to have a good time’

The Friends of the Florence Events Center (FFEC) is going through an evolution, and it’s looking for the community’s help in what its new identity will be.

“The events center is the gem of the town,” FFEC President Kirk Mlinek said. “It’s the town living room, a warm place that we go. The lights are always on, it’s a comfortable place to go, and you know you’re going to have a good time.”

For the past 23 years, FFEC has been committed to supporting the city’s community hub. It has helped support some of the most popular annual events at the FEC, such as the Winter Music Festival, Indoor Yard Sale and the Festival of Books. In that time, it has provided volunteers to act as ushers, stage managers and technical assistance for the venue’s biggest shows. Plus, it has found grants for some of the FEC’s most recent upgrades, such professional sound and lighting equipment.

“But how do we fit into the community?” Mlinek asked. “Are we prevalent enough?”

FFEC is turning to the community to help find those answers, to see where the gaps in services FFEC provides are, and how the organization can help bring events to the FEC.

The group asks:

Are there organizations that could use the performance grants they offer, such as helping to offset the costs of a day’s rental at the FEC?

Are there organizations who have always wanted to hold an event at the FEC, but are not sure what the process is?

Are there people in town with the skills and background to help with a theatrical production or an event, but do not know they can help?

Are there programs and events the community is desperate to see, but the FFEC is simply unaware of?

“The town is full of good ideas, and we don’t have all the answers,” Mlinek said.

To get those answers, the FFEC is hoping to get the communities involvement as much as possible.

Meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the FEC conference room, located at 715 Quince St.

Community members are encouraged to sign up for FFECs newsletter, which can be done by calling the FEC at 541-997-1994 or by visiting eventcenter.org. Those interested can also become a supporting member of the FFEC at only $5 a month.

Anyone is welcome to roll up their sleeves and come share their talents and volunteerism with the FFEC.