Why support gated communities; How come; Country-Western can swing; Why a 'Taj Mahal'; True pioneers — Letters to the Editor, Feb. 2, 2019

Why support gated communities but not a wall?

How many gated communities are there in or around Florence? I know there are a few, and at least a couple with fences around them.

How many people live in these communities who don’t believe in some kind of wall or fence on our southern border? Is that discriminitory against those of us who can't get in? Why do they want to keep us out?

Why not take the gates off so anyone who wants to can get in whenever they want?

I’ll bet there are homes there or open space that aren’t being used year-round to help put up the homeless.

I don’t believe you have to be a supporter or non-supporter of a certain person or group to simply want a little security.

—Vance Smith


How come?

Dear Etidor (sic),

How come Mayor Henry gets a new City Hall, but we don’t get a high school?

— Dalton McGowan

Grade 6


Country-western can swing

Like others at KXCR, I’m very pleased with the excellent article by Jared Anderson that appeared in Wednesday’s edition of the Siuslaw News (“Voice of Freedom,” Jan. 30).

However, there are a couple of items I'd like to clarify.

First, although “Charlie’s Place” is currently in re-runs, we are still able to get there every Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. by simply setting the radio dial to 90.7 FM.

Secondly, even though I was accurately quoted as saying “I hate country-western music,” I also remember Duke Ellington’s statement that there are only two kinds of music — good and bad.

In fact, “Charlie’s Place” recently featured a program of all country-western music that truly does “swing.” I apologize for my poor choice of words, so let me say instead that it remains among my "least-likely” choices.

Thanks again for the article.

— Charlie Walker


“Charlie’s Place”

Why a ‘Taj Mahal’ for city hall?

Was it necessary to build such an expensive addition to our city hall? Just the rounded front and stonework must have added thousands of dollars to the construction costs.

A square addition with less expensive materials would have been as functional as what was built. With the addition of the new public works building on Kingwood, I wonder if our city administrators aren’t on an ego trip?

In my 80-plus years, it has been my experience that the true cost of public expenditures may come months or years down the road, when pleas for new taxes and fees are asked for.

In any case, I hope I am wrong. But again, my experience with municipal governments tells me I’m not.

It’s not their money they are spending — it’s ours.

— Loren Parker

45-year resident


True pioneers of freedom and democracy in Florence

I was moved by the recent good article on community radio KXCR (“Voice of Freedom,” Jan. 30). Charlie Walker’s program “Charlie’s Pace” always soothes my mood whenever I listen.

I’m writing to add some information for your readers. Although there were many people involved, no one person did more to create KXCR than Rand Dawson; no one person navigated the minefield of egos and established a very diverse program grid than Richard Kohler; and no one person did more to sustain the station through thick and thin than Stuart Henderson.

Those three individuals and their partners are in my humble estimation true pioneers of freedom and democracy in our community.

—Pip Cole


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