Who benefits; Need better camping enforcement; Best economy — Letters to the Editor, Aug. 24, 2019

Who benefits?

While we acknowledge a time to celebrate our newest addition [mural] to Florence on 126th and Quince, we should always esteem progress with certitude and community solidarity.

It is with great positive pride that municipal and state cultures exude happiness in their citizenry or at least the pursuit thereof. The question  always is, who benefits?

Moreover, there are some distinct cautions for this emerald gem called Florence as a coastal mecca of Oregon. Now that good and courageous Mayor Henry and Councilman Greene disagreed to agree, the stealth hand of ever-increasing government has won slowly but inexorably.

A public concern is the ease with which our agreement will be dedicated for the next and the next and the next public-good  project. As the day comes when the Florence gem beams brighter, finally and irreversably growing in spite of city and chamber prudence, who will dominate? The people or the tax collectors?

I believe Florence’s steady growth will result in bigger and eventually unmangeable local government, like our all-knowing state and federal helpers — unless someone contradicts the flow.

In order for business to really flourish, the city needs an annexation policy which will ensure capital investment as well as capital formation insuring consistency for corporate and small business America.

Home prices with competition could descend and average working wages ascend. The type of growth experienced in Bend could be duplicated with the proper philosophical mooring. This will also produce jobs, population, monetary flow and a thriving culture and economy.

However, if we continue policies which enable city hall over a privatization call, it is doubtful that the architects of pork will ever not belch satisfactorily. As the Latin states, “Cumi Bono?” i.e., who benefits?

Obviously, in the last great debate, it was unclear though many with special interests partook of the spoils and congratulatory plaudits.

The future is now.

—Joel Marks


Need better camping enforcement along jetty

I am thankful Lane County Parks and Recreation has jurisdiction over the North Jetty. The posted signage helps prevent overnight parking and camping.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the South Jetty; lots 6, 7 and and jetty itself.

The “honor system” doesn’t work. On any given night, RV visitors ignore the posted “No Camping Past This Sign.”

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (ODNRA) and the U.S. Forest Service have designated these areas as Day Use only. The USFS maintains many campgrounds both north and south of Florence.

Not all of the campgrounds are ATV recreation sites. I feel like these abusers of our public lands can — and should be required to — find a designated campground.

Surely there is an agency such as ODOT that should be able to control — with the help of Florence Police — the overnight parking in the wide area of road across from the Oregon Coast Humane Society road.

Not all of these vehicles are self-contained. Without a 24-hour gas station in sight, I have no doubt that the illegal activity of urinating on the rocks in that public space occurs more frequently than I care to think about.

The revitalization in Old Town and “Main Street” will be beneficial. But does Florence want to become the coastal town that offers free camping on our side streets, cubby holes and empty lots?

— Michael Fletcher


Best economy in 50 years for a reason

The whole rest of the world is in recession and negative interest returns are the norm everywhere else.

China has the worst economy in 35 years.

Meanwhile the U.S.A — your U.S.A — is having the best economy of the last 50 years with some of the best numbers ever.

Who are you going to vote for?

— Martin Cable

Dunes City


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