What we really need to remember come November

July 11, 2020 — Ian Eales’ June 27, Guest Viewpoint (“An American Only, Belonging To No Political Party”) should take his own advice and love his country, warts and all. 

He himself apparently used a viral social media post “Educating-A-Liberal” to promote the view that the Republican Party was founded to counter the Democrats’ plans to expand slavery in America: “EVERY American should REMEMBER this important bit of American history on this election day” part of the post read.

Fact checking begs to differ.’

The slavery issue was not a Republican vs. Democrat issue but a North vs. South issue that came to a head with the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 — thereby giving the territories the decision to accept or reject slavery.

The Republican party was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery northern  Democrats, anti-slavery Whigs and anti-slavery Free Soilers.

Sadly, the Republican Party has changed from grass roots, progressive, trust-busting, union supporting, New Deal expansion of rights to today’s corporate control of government, tax evading rich, election tampering and Jim Crow mass incarceration that keeps people of color off the streets and in for-profit prisons. 

Mr. Eales states that progressive administrations come to a bad end and curiously equates that as similar to the French Revolution (which ended in democracy), the Russian Revolution (now a totalitarian country openly befriended by Trump), and Nazi Germany (which was defeated by the Allies, and from whom Trump is now retreating.) 

He was right that revolutions are the result in a loss of faith in their government, just as the American Revolution was a loss of faith in King George.  That happens when a government supports profit, control and expansion over the well-being of the population.

The gist of Mr. Eales’ Guest Viewpoint is that Democrats are bad, progressives are bad and radicals are bad.  Eales’ support of Black Lives Matter amounts to sadness for a defiled monument and recognizing that “...millions of Americans can proudly trace their history back to enslaved ancestors.”

These descendents are the protestors being vilified. They are the radicals trying to roll back generations of discrimination and incarceration.  

They protest against racial re-tweets by the President, the police that terrorize them and shoot them in the back, the white nationalist, white-supremists and other alt-right groups that support and encourage hate and chaos while backing a president who rules with threats, childish name-calling and insults.

And also a president who meets lawful protests with tear gas and violence and threatens unlawful use of the military — things every American should remember this November on Election Day.


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