Whale demolition fun; Disrespectful symbols: Letters to the Editor, Nov. 24, 2018

50th anniversary of whale demolition could be fun

Doing a 50-year anniversary re-enactment of the demolition of the whale sounds like great fun. Hopefully, for the sake of the town, they don’t find a way to recreate the smell.

Then again, it will be an election year...

—Dennis Smith


Don’t drag disrespectful symbols into veterans parade

The Florence Veterans Day parade on Nov. 11 had a marvelous and memorable beginning when a large group of grade-school kids came down the street handing out to hand-colored pictures of the four branches of the United States Military services titled “Thank You, Hero” to veterans.

And then those young kids shook my hand. They amazed me and made me so proud.

And then the parade came and the Siuslaw High School band came by. They were fantastic and lifted everyone's spirits. The veterans came next, driving their legendary Jeeps and trucks.

Then a vehicle came by flying the Confederate battle flag and another came by flying the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.

It was insensitive and so inappropriate to drag devisive, disrespectful and generally offensive symbols into such a beautiful parade honoring our servicemen and women.

— Gene Olson


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