Western Lane board accepts resignation, questions overtime

Director Larry Farnsworth questioned the significantly over-budget charges for overtime for WLAD's full-time employees.

Western Lane Ambulance District (WLAD), held its December board meeting at noon on Thursday at Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue (SVFR) Station No. 1.

All currently seated directors and a small group of EMTs attended the meeting. There were no members of the public in attendance.

The meeting began with Western Lane Administrative Assistant Karin Guy making a short statement sharing her appreciation for the work done by the district and the EMTs she works with at the office and in the field.

Guy then unexpectedly tendered her resignation, providing no details as to the reason or motivation. Guy is the second administrative employee of the SVFR or WLAD to resign in the past two months.

Reports from Chief Director Jim Langborg, who provides administrative oversight to both SVFR and WLAD, followed and were focused on a new job description for the position previously held by recently retired Administrative Chief Julie Brown and the district’s end of year financial situation.

Director Larry Farnsworth questioned one aspect of the financial report in particular, the significantly over-budget charges for overtime for Western Lane’s fulltime employees.

WLAD Operations Chief Matt House responded by pointing out that there are seasonally relevant reasons for the apparent increase in labor costs, such as vacation coverage.

He also suggested that these overages would more than likely be reconciled when the end of year figures were factored into the district’s final fiscal equation.

Farnsworth was also concerned with the information provided to the board. He indicated areas that should perhaps be changed or modified to more accurately reflect the district’s financial situation.

House and Langborg were receptive to his suggestions, and said they would examine the information shared and the way it was presented.

Farnsworth also declared a conflict of interest for the record, before the required vote to approve the monthly expenditures, as he owns a business that is renting storage space to WLAD.

Later in the meeting, House reported on the number of calls WLAD responded to during the month and the nature of those calls.

He also commented on the new software the district is using and the training status of WLAD’s new Mobile Integrated Healthcare employee.

These comments were all positive in nature.

Director Dick Childs then asked about changing or adding to the information included in the Ambulance Report that runs weekly in the Siuslaw News. He suggested that WLAD provide more in-depth information to the public about the nature and location of calls.

This request was taken under advisement, as House and Langborg agreed to look into the possibility of modifying the information shared with the community.

The directors than approved expenditures for the month and scheduled the next board meeting for noon on Jan. 18.


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