We are the architects of our own demise

Urban Greens agitate for massive regulation while their very behavior contributes massively to increased energy consumption

July 24, 2019 — In response to Michael Allen’s letter (“Resolution To Address Climate Change,” July 20), the Paris Accords have between 0 and 8% probability of making a 0.1°C reduction in the global temperature at a cost of trillions. The ROI is zero. The U.S. has reduced its “carbon footprint” percentage more than any other signatory.

Wind energy installations in Europe have stalled due to the permitting process and bureaucratic impediments, validating Ronald Reagan’s maxim: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

A recent study shows that Northern Hemisphere wind velocity has been decreasing for the past 40 years, down more than 30 percent  in some areas. The researchers speculate it is a combination of rising temperatures and ever-increasing urban heat islands disrupting natural flow. Another study shows that down-wind farms suffer a reduction in output, requiring ever more land to maintain output. Offshore wind offers some promise, at least until neglect and a 100- or 1,000-year storm wipes them out.

The earth has been warmer in the past with less CO2 than today; the earth has been cooler in the past with more CO2 than today.

CO2 was largely ignored based on mathematical work done at Harvard and the British Meteorological Office in the 1950s said that CO2 has very little greenhouse effect as it is swamped by water vapor.

Not until the Thatcher government began pushing nuclear energy to break the coal miner unions in the 1980s was CO2 mentioned as a problem.

Recent decades uncovered artifacts buried under several feet of snow and ice: Norwegian longboats, Ötzi the Ice Man, Greenland ruins. Either the earth was warmer then and subsequently cooled, covering the artifacts — or builders were extremely enterprising, digging down to bury them.

“Yo, Sven, ve’ll have der last laff ven dem crazy Greens find dis in one tousand yars...”

An event similar to the 1257 Lombock Island volcano, the proximate cause of Viking Greenland abandonment, would drop global temperatures significantly. A more severe event such as the Yellowstone caldera would cause more severe cooling.

If we are not to suffer the same starvation and global calamity, we will need massive amounts of energy to heat our cooled home. Solar and wind power output will be drastically reduced. If we have abandoned fossil fuel generation, we are signing our death warrant.

Urban Greens agitate for massive regulation while their very behavior contributes massively to increased energy consumption: Alexa, mobile phones, computers, etc.

Data centers require an ever-increasing share of global energy to store selfies, tweets and texts. We are the architects of our own demise.

(Editor’s Note: NASA has gathered in chronological sequence the most important events in the history of climate change science. This list of milestones includes major influences external to the science itself. The timeline goes back to 1800 listing Co2 levels, temperatures, etc. It is available online at www.history.aip.org/climate/timeline.htm.)


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