We all lose; How will courthouse benefit us; Kent's proven track record — Letters to the Editor, May 1, 2019

In the end, all of us (100 percent) in our community will be penalized by this “taking of sides”

We all lose

In reference to the Siuslaw News article, “Public Art Committee Moves Past Mural Controversy” (April 24), it is unfortunate that FURA removed funding from our community’s Public Art Committee (PAC) because there was disagreement about a single piece of public art.

The PAC has done a great job installing public art throughout our community; it has enhanced and bettered our community overall which, if I’m not mistaken, is one of the goals of FURA.

It appears that FURA has chosen to align itself with only a portion of our community rather than to represent the whole. In the end, all of us (100 percent) in our community will be penalized by this “taking of sides” resulting in the reduction of public art.

It would be rare to have complete agreement on any piece of art — which is one important functions of art: To engage people in thought and discussion. It is sad to think that future public art installations may not happen because a portion of our community dislikes a single piece.

I hope FURA and the Florence City Council will reconsider this decision.

—Dina Pavlis


How will new courthouse, more taxes benefit us?

I just received the Lane County Voters’ Pamphlet and did a quick scan through it. I was amazed to find only one argument against any of the tax measures.

The information furnished by John G. Cox, a retired Lane County Attorney, has me thinking about what Lane County has done for us in Florence. 

His arguments make a lot of sense to me. What benefit are we in Florence going to get from this $252 million dollar expenditure from our tax payments? 

Both Coos County and Douglas County have a county annex on the coast to help serve their tax payers.  Lane County had one in Florence but decided to close it.  Now our taxpayers have to go to Eugene for court, for permits and for jury duty.

Couldn’t a lot of the business being handled in Eugene be handled just as well in Florence and at less cost per square foot?

I think Lane County needs to take a look at how our counties to the south are handling things and stop wasting our money and time.

—Robert Miller


Kent has proven track record

Nora Kent gets my vote for Lane Education Service District (ESD) Board because she lives, breathes and works hard for our kids. She has a proven track record of service to our rural schools, such as Lane Community College, EC Cares and others. 

She brings a wealth of knowledge and proven activism that are integral to grow and support important resources needed for student achievement in our rural schools. I particularly remember the packed classroom when she brought together our community to meet her English Language Learner students and families so we could hear their stories.

It was an emotional evening filled with kindness and understanding … through their words and their cultural food as well.

Nora Kent helped create an anti-bullying event, Gift of our Wounds, and helped raise funds for Heart of the Coast Housing Alliance to support affordable housing.

You don’t do such community activism without a caring heart. There’s no one better to represent Position 4 for Lane ESD Board than Nora Kent, who will help our students in West Lane County have opportunities to succeed.   

—Sally Wantz



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