Vikings take off on home trails

Chad and Kyle Hughes at the start of the Woahink Lake Invitational (photo Zac Burtt)

Boys place first at Woahink, girls third

Oct. 4, 2021 — The Siuslaw Vikings Cross Country Team had its first home race of the season on Saturday, Oct. 2, when the team hosted the Woahink Lake Invitational. The boys team finished first in the team competition, led by senior Chad Hughes, who also won the individual title. The girls team finished third. Senior Rylee Colton, who finished second, was the leading runner for the Viking girls. Adele Beckstead, a freshman from Philomath, finished less than a second before Colton and won the girls race.

Woahink Lake Cross Country Invitational Results

 Siuslaw High School Girls Team

  1. North Medford 43
  2. Philomath 51
  3. Siuslaw 75
  4. Roseburg 89
  5. Newport 142
  6. Myrtle Point 152
  7. North Bend 161
  8. Cottage Grove 165

Winner – Adele Beckstead (9th grade) Philomath 20:04.70

Siuslaw Runners

2nd Rylee Colton (12th) 20:05.10

9th Addison McNeill (9th) 21:29.90

16th Jane Lacouture (10th) 22:09.80

26th Macy McNeill (9th) 23:09. 90

33rd Maya Wells (9th) 23:33.70

34th Corduroy Holbrook (10th) 23:36. 50

Siuslaw High School Boys Team

  1. Siuslaw 62
  2. Nampa 78
  3. Philomath 85
  4. Roseburg 88
  5. Cottage Grove 102
  6. Newport 123
  7. North Medford 158
  8. North Bend 201

Winner – Chad Hughes (12th grade) Siuslaw 17:00.50

Siuslaw Runners

3rd Kyle Hughes (11th) 17:19.20

17th Dylan Jensen (10th) 18:27.50

21st Jacob Blankenship (11th) 18:34.60

22nd Talan Ross (11th) 18:38.80

24th Brayden Linton (10th) 18:53.20