Utility outage, repair information remains unconfirmed by CenturyLink

Lack of information has led to Public Utilities Commission complaint

Many Florence CenturyLink customers are experiencing an ongoing lack of services related to a major repair project on Maple Street. The outage was first reported to the Siuslaw News on April 23, by a CenturyLink customer who continues to be impacted by the extended outage. Since then, several others have reached out looking for answers.

“Mine has been out since Wednesday (April 22). When I called in by cell to report the outage, and after going through voicemail hell to reach a real person, I was informed a repair guy would come by Thursday and would call my cell before arriving,” said Florence resident Larry Bacon. “No call, no repair guy.”

Siuslaw News began making inquiries about the outage and was unable to obtain any official information through the company’s website, nor receive a call-back from CenturyLink’s customer service or media contact despite repeated attempts over several days.

Upon visiting the repair site on Maple Street, personnel on scene shared the fact that a major line housing internet and phone lines had been inadvertently severed by another company working on a project in the area.

The expectation at the time was for repairs to be completed by April 28. That turned out not to be the case.

Though Siuslaw News has still not received a return call regarding the matter, customers who were able to reach CenturyLink said they have been told repairs should be completed anywhere between May 1 and May 7.

CenturyLink customer and local attorney Rand Dawson spoke with Siuslaw News regarding his frustration in trying to obtain accurate information from the company.

“For almost two weeks, a broad portion of area CenturyLink land-line households continue to have a significant line outage,” said Dawson, who resides south of Florence near Siltcoos Lake. “As of last Thursday morning, I was told this will last at least through late Monday. In that time, CenturyLink’s persistently repeated errors regarding expected repair time have been profound to experience. They border on a policy of plain misrepresentation.”

Dawson likened his situation and that of other CenturyLink customers, due to utility regulations, to being hostages to their primary service provider.

“They offer their impacted customers a website or telephone complaint system that seems intentionally structured with impediments to obtain real information about location, scope or status of the problem,” said Dawson, who lodged an official complaint with the Public Utilities Commission last week.

He has yet to receive a response from CenturyLink regarding his complaint or inquiries as of press time.

Customers can attempt to reach CenturyLink at www.centurylink.com or through the company’s automated customer service number at 800-345-2712.


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