Us TOO Florence — Ten years ‘Behind the Headlines’

April will mark a short 10 years since Us TOO Florence published its very first Prostate Cancer Journey

March 20, 2019 — How time flies! April will mark a short 10 years since Us TOO Florence published its very first Prostate Cancer Journey (April 8, 2009).

Theresa Baer, then editor of the Siuslaw News, struck a deal with me to publish a monthly article featuring prostate cancer, either a man’s personal prostate cancer journey or information about prostate cancer in my Behind the Headlines article.

So far, we have a perfect monthly record and they are all available for reading information in large white 3-ring binders at about 20 locations throughout Florence. 

Our goal with these journeys and my articles is to remove much of the mystery of this disease and treatment.  It is no secret that one can find a wide range of opinions when pursuing information about prostate cancer, from screening for the disease (do the harms outweigh the benefits), being diagnosed with the disease (was that really necessary) and then the big question, “Now what…do we treat it or not?” 

To “cut to the chase,” Florence has two exceptional opportunities each month (without fail) for our community members to clarify these types of questions.  Tom Wilson included them in his last month’s Prostate Cancer Journey Update. They are held:

  • The second Tuesday of each month, from 5 to 7 p.m. with Dr. Bryan Mehlhaff
  • The third Tuesday of each month from noon to 1 p.m. with Dr. Roger McKimmy.

Both meetings are held at the Ichiban Restaurant on Highway 101.  

In addition to our urologists, we have men in attendance who have walked the path of prostate cancer and will share their experiences.   And, just in case you are wondering, these men don’t “sugar-coat” their experiences. 

From the urologists telling us what they see occurring with other patients, to our own men sharing their personal experiences, our goal is to provide accurate information so other men can decide what they want to do — get screened or not, choose a particular treatment or choose (under the watchful eye of their urologist) to avoid immediate treatment and utilize active surveillance.

In the end, it is up to each man to take all the information he has gathered and make his choice.  No one, urologists or prostate cancer survivors, will tell a man what he must do.

Want more information but don’t feel comfortable in a room listening to prostate cancer patients/survivors and urologists talking about “our” disease?

Check out recorded video from the Us TOO 2018 Pathways educational events in Seattle, Wash., Englewood, N.J., and Chicago, Ill. Go to and you will find hours of video information covering a wide spectrum of prostate cancer, presented by medical experts. 

Once on the Us TOO site, go to Prostate Cancer in the blue headline banner and, in the dropdown menu, click on “Educational Videos/Informed Decision Making.”  The three educational events top the list with more informational videos following.

I think you will be amazed at the topics covered.  To help you go directly to a topic of interest, they are on a dropdown list along with the time they appear in the video. 

By clicking on the time, you are taken directly to that presentation. That is very helpful since the videos are 3:39, 4:40 and 5:17 hours/minutes long.

In addition to the above three videos, I would encourage you to spend some time exploring the Us TOO website.  You will find it very supportive of Us TOO’s MISSION, which is: “To raise awareness and provide educational resources and support services to those affected by prostate cancer to help them learn to fight this disease. The power of Us TOO is in helping men and those who love them by transforming resignation into determination and fear into Hope.”

Just place your cursor on the topics in the blue banner and look at the drop-down lists of information.

Prepare to be impressed.

Critical prostate cancer information is available by either attending an Us TOO Florence meeting or visiting