Twombly family reaches business milestone

Lynn and Dave Twombly own and operate three businesses in Florence. The oldest, Central Coast Disposal, has been operating for more than 30 years. The other two are shops located on Bay Street, All About Olives and Socks to a T.

Central Coast Disposal celebrates 30th anniversary

April 24, 2021 — Despite the ongoing COVID pandemic and its toll on many businesses, Central Coast Disposal, a local business owned and operated by Dave and Lynn Twombly, has continued to grow.

The couple started the waste removal company 30 years ago and they now employ 18 community members, although some of them work in two other retail locations owned by the Twomblys.

“I started picking up garbage and recycling in Florence for Loren Parker at Westlane Disposal, in June 1991,” Dave said. “My wife Lynn and I applied for a refuse and recycling license with the City of Florence in September 1998, the license was granted in May 1999 — and we immediately received wonderful support from many other businesses and community members.”

Since that time, the business has grown to serve more than 3,200 residential and business customers. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the success of Central Coast Disposal has been the couple’s ability to hire members of their family to help grow the business and provide meaningful employment during difficult financial times.

“At one time or another all of our kids have worked for us. Fortunately, our staff is very focused on customer service and we have grown a lot, and that has allowed me to work with almost all of the members of my family at different times over the years,” Dave said.

Building on the successful model they used when growing Central Coast Disposal, the Twomblys have become involved in two other businesses with a different focus: retail sales.

“In 2011, we were looking for an opportunity for our daughter to run a business and I came up with the idea after going on vacation and spending a fair amount of money on olives at a small store where we were vacationing,” Dave said. “Every time we would go there, the place was always busy, so I decided to investigate the idea.”

The Twomblys did their due diligence, determining there was the potential to succeed with the idea and then went and found a location on Bay Street in Historic Old Town Florence. The family purchased a limited number of items and opened the doors to “All about Olives” in 2011.The store has done unexpectedly well as the public has embraced the health benefits associated with olive oil and its by-products.

“Not only are olives and their oils yummy, they’re nutritious as well,” Dave said.

Olives are full of mono-saturated fats, also known as the “good” fats proven to lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, according to the store’s website.

At the time, their daughter was not enamored with the idea of running the shop but, unexpectedly, Lynn was.

“Surprisingly, Lynn said, ‘I would like to try that,’ explaining it is a healthy product and it would give us another way to employ our friends and family in addition to providing a product that is not really available,” Dave explained.

Now, All About Olives has been in business for nearly 10 years, expanding its inventory and moving to a larger location across from its original location on Bay Street.

“We have completely renovated the store, putting in new electrical, all new shelves and COVID safety measures to help keep our employees and customers healthy,” Dave said.

Building on the success they found in their first retail effort, the Twomblys decided to try one more avenue for their entrepreneurial inclinations. The two decided Old Town was in need of a well-stocked T-shirt store. Three years ago, the couple opened Socks to a T, also on Bay Street.

The profit made by the family businesses is secondary in Dave mind to the fact that he is able to provide employment for people he knows and cares for.

“We are really lucky because all of our people are from here, some we’ve known their whole lives,” he said. “It just feels great to have so much support for our businesses. We love our town and we really appreciate all of our customers.”

For more information, contact:

  • Central Coast Disposal, 5405 Highway 101, 541-902-7554
  • All About Olives, 1384 Bay St., 541-997-3174,
  • Socks to a T, 1341 Bay St. Unit F, 541-991-3220, [email protected]