Two narratives on gun control — Letters to the Editor, Dec. 21, 2019

The two narratives on gun control

The gun debate continues to rage both nationally and locally.

National news outlets tend to follow a remarkably similar narrative with a common set of talking points that trickles down to the local grassroots discussions. However, this first narrative is in direct conflict with a second narrative that is pushed by the very same news outlets.

The first narrative is that guns are bad. Criminals shoot others with guns, so we need all sorts of bans and restrictions because people just can’t be trusted with them. In extreme cases, the push is for the Second Amendment to essentially be abolished and guns banned outright.

Only cops should have guns.

The second narrative is that cops are bad. Listening to some of the liberal talking heads on the networks, one would think that a white hood was part of the uniform and that all cops hunt minorities for sport.

There are literally back-to-back segments where a bunch of pundits nod solemnly as they praise former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s plans for mass confiscation of guns then, in the next segment, express outrage over how hopelessly ingrained the “racist structures” of our nation’s law enforcement agencies are.

I don’t see any connection in that line of logic. If cops really were so racist and notoriously trigger-happy, wouldn’t disarming citizens — and especially minorities — be a bad idea?

I know the vital role the Second Amendment played in the Civil Rights struggles of the South during the Jim Crow era. Black protesters were severely beaten and in many cases killed until they started exercising their right to open-carry in the streets.

The southern Democrats tried to suppress these rights every way they could, while the Republicans generally stood by the Constitution.

Fortunately, southern Democrats of the time lost and the nation was able to move past this sordid chapter in the nation’s history.

Today, both parties are singing the exact same tune as they did more than 50 years ago, with the difference that Democrats now claim they want to undermine the second amendment to “protect” minorities instead of oppressing them — presumably by exposing minorities to the “fascist death-squads in blue” (aka the police) without any means of defending themselves.

It seems to me you’d either have to concede that either: 1) The “cops-are-evil” narrative is much overblown, or 2) Give up the constant meddling with law-abiding citizens’ right to own effective guns.

Or better yet, how about ditching both?

—Matt Danielsson



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