Tough measures; Failure of bond leaves concerns — Letters to the Editor, Nov. 10, 2018

Tough times call for tough measures

We need to eliminate football as an expense that the schools simply cannot afford. Even if maintenance, teaching salaries, extracurricular activities, etc., are apples and oranges budget wise, this sends a huge message.

If we can’t afford a new school to keep the kids warm, dry and safe, or give our kids educations that prepare them for our 21st century, then we sure can’t afford football.

I know football is just as much for the community’s enjoyment as it is for the kids. But oh, well, sorry.

Tough times call for tough measures.

—Cris Reep


Failure of bond measure leaves more concerns

I'm disappointed that the school bond measure failed. I understand that there may have been some confusion regarding the cost of the bond versus property tax increase, and that future attempts will be made for smaller requests.

It is still concerning me, however, that in the meantime our precious students are being subjected to potential hazards associated with an earthquake.

I have seen, firsthand, building damage and collapse due to liquification of sand and resulting differential settlement of foundations. It’s true there may be minor stop-gap seismic retrofit measures that could reduce some of the destruction potential.

If so, I hope these can be evaluated and addressed to make the next bond proposal more palatable for taxpayers.

—Bill Craig


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