Things change, Lack of trust in local pharmacies —Letters for March 30, 2022


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Things Change

Life is like a bowl of soup and at 85, all you have is a fork. The laws change from what they used to be.

When Tom McCall was governor, there were signs on the highway that said, “Come enjoy our lakes, rivers and beaches, and then go home.”

He also encouraged the cutting of logs for firewood to get rid of the danger of a wave rolling a log up and hurting someone on the beach.

My son cut some firewood for me and got a ticket. The law now says no cutting wood on the beach.

It is strange that what once was O.K. now isn’t.

— Virgle Bechtold


Editor’s Note: According to the USDA Forest Service, driftwood collection is regulated by the State of Oregon. On state park beaches, the taking of driftwood in small amounts by visitors for souvenirs, for personal use or as gifts is permitted. Using chainsaws or the removal of large amounts of driftwood, or any wood with mechanized loading equipment, shall be prohibited except as approved by the park manager. In non-state park beaches, driftwood removal for firewood and/or ornamental purposes shall be for personal use and restricted to wood which can be loaded by hand only. Removal of wood may be restricted to individual beach areas, quantities of wood and time of year. People can learn more through the FAQs at

Lack Of Trust In Pharmacies

The pharmacy problems in Florence are finally settling down. The public has been brainwashed into believing that waiting in line for an hour to get their prescriptions is O.K.

Fred Meyer (FM) is handing out information about the Kroger Postal Prescription Service (PPS). They advertise that the switch to PPS is seamless because they are the same company. Not true at all. Kroger PPS has to get approval from every prescriber before they can switch you over. Being part of the FM pharmacy is no advantage. To make matters worse, just because FM takes your insurance does not mean PPS will.

We worked with PPS for 3 months. We had to be on the phone with them at least four times a week. Kroger advertises a 3-4 day turnover. Not true — it was more like 3-4 weeks. Also, PPS did not take our insurance (FM did) and did not inform us. Yup!

We found out, after three months, that PPS was billing our debit card, for all the prescriptions, at full price. And, no refund. It’s not their fault that we did not know our insurance wasn’t billed. That is apparently our problem.

Now, Rite Aide pharmacy has opened back up, you can switch back, and they are very accommodating.

Just be aware, what is advertised is not always true. Trust no one in the world of pharmacies and pharmaceuticals.

— Lori Straley