Thanks to so many for making Education Expo happen

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March 4, 2020 — I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who helped to support and participate in last Saturday’s Education Expo (Feb. 29) at Siuslaw High School.

The list is long, and it begins with our elementary, middle and high school students, who made significant contributions to the event. Musical performances by elementary and high school students were outstanding; middle and high school students gave long hours and hard work to make sure that the setup and takedown were fast and efficient. They also ensured that visitors were welcomed and informed about the locations of various activities.

High school students and their computer science teacher Eddie Mielke made all the terrific signs and banners that were placed around town and on the individual participant tables.

The Florence Community PTA and the Siuslaw Education Foundation contributed time, financial resources and expertise to the planning and execution of the event.

Many local individuals and businesses, along with the City of Florence and the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce, supported the event in numerous ways, along with our city services including: the Florence Public Works and Police Departments, Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue, and Western Lane Ambulance District.

And of course, there were the participating organizations — about 90 of them — along with the hundreds of visitors who formed the heart and soul of the Expo.

Our local media — KCST/KCFM, KXCR and the Siuslaw News — were enthusiastic about offering support to the event, and each went ‘above and beyond’ to publicize and participate in the Expo.

We were especially pleased that Lane Community College and Mapleton School District were in-volved in the event. It is through growing partnerships among the local public school entities — Siuslaw schools, Mapleton schools and Lane Community College — that all students and the communities in which they live can benefit and thrive.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the critical role in the Education Expo of many outstanding individuals — teachers, administrators, staff members, elected officials and volunteers — within all of our local public schools and the Siuslaw School District, the main sponsor of the event.

Everyone I encountered within the schools during the past year of planning was supportive, encouraging, and anxious to help make the Expo successful.

Within our community there is a large number of groups, clubs, organizations and government agencies that educate in a wide variety of ways. I hope that the Education Expo will serve as catalyst for all of us to find new ways to learn and grow.


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