Thanks to community; Supporting Walls; Roots in Collard Road — Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26, 2019

Thanks to our community for a job well done

I would like to thank our District Commander for the suggestion to organize a fundraiser to benefit our local Coast Guard Station, and for the guidance he provided our VFW Post 3232 Post Commander.

The VFW 3232, Florence Disabled American Veterance (DAV), American Legion and the VFW Auxilliary team came together to accomplish one goal: To raise funds for Coast Guard Station-Siuslaw.

As stated in recent Siuslaw News articles, the community of Florence has come together and rasied more than $10,000 for our “Coasties” thanks to our volunteerism.

Thank you to all in our community for a job well done.   

—Harold Morgan

Buddy Poppy Chairman

VFW Post 3232


Supporting walls is not American

It amazes me that no matter what President Trump does to hurt this nation, some people think he is the greatest.

Amazingly, some 37 percent of people still support him, and I know that some of that percentage live right here in Florence. Two people in particular whose letters appear quite often in this newspaper are loyal Trump supporters.

They support his notion that the “southern border” is the entry for the crime, rapists and drugs entering this country. At least two national news networks this past week have stated that most drugs enter this country through ports of entry, in particular, by water and air — not from the southern border.

How many of the many mass shootings we experienced in the past year were caused by illegals?


How many members of the President’s cabinet have been indicted and/or sent to prison?

As of today, 11 and counting.

How many times has Trump been accused of either assaulting or sexually degrading women? Who is the one who caused the government shutdown that one letter writer said he fully supports, stating that the workers would eventually get their money?

Supporting a shutdown and supporting walls is not American. Walls are a medieval approach that is obsolete. It seems apparent to me that the President is not in favor of non-whites. Remember the Muslim ban? Remember how he forgot about Puerto Rico?

Now he makes up a crisis at the southern border to support his wall when the  real crisis is in the White House. Should the Mueller investigation lead to a prison sentence for the President, I hope the bail, if any, will be too much for Putin to pay.

—Marty Perseo



Roots in Collard Road crisis span 11 years

I would like to give a historical perspective on Collard Lake Road to answer Mr. Alex Orebey’s letter (“Need Help Before Collard Road Collapses,” Jan. 12).

Eleven years ago I was appointed to the County Roads Committee. One of the first things I was assigned to do by the County Commissioner was to ascertain the condition of Collard Lake Road. What I found was that the road had numerous dangerous problems and may have not met standards of construction. I verified this with a person who has professional engineers licenses in three states and works for a state roads agency.

The situation got worse, with me hitting a stone wall no matter what I tried. I attempted to get documentation for who approved the construction but ended up being led in a circle with no end. This was my welcome to the wonderful world of Lane County.

This was at a time when federal funds were ending. It was also when millions of dollars were about to be spent on two highly questionable and contemptuous road projects in West Lane. In addition, I was informed by the county that jurisdiction for the road was partially the county’s with no clear objective of what they would do which was basically nothing.

I would like to remind you that this took place over 11 years ago.

Unfortunately for the residences, they were told at the time that they would have to finance the road repairs themselves. The least that the County could have done is see to it that the road met state and federal construction standards.

—George Goldstein



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