Thanks from OSPIRG; Yes, we have had enough — Letters to the Editor, Sept. 7, 2019

Thanks for OSPIRG coverage

Thanks so much for the excellent coverage by the Siuslaw News (“College Students Pick Up Plastic At South Jetty,” Aug. 4) of the OSPIRG students, the beach clean-up, the push to ban polystyrene foam statewide, and of the participation by us locals.

While we know that what we did won’t make a large dent in this enormous problem, we will continue to physically collect this trash on our beaches, as well as politically pressure our elected officials.

We and they must find a solution that will protect our environment from this pollution.

It’s time to join the OSPIRG students in urging Sen. Arnie Roblan and Rep. Caddy McKeown to also stand up and be part of the solution by promoting and voting to ban single-use foam cups and take-out containers.

—Pat and Mike Allen


Yes, we have had enough

The Preislers in the recent Letter to the Editor “Have You Had Enough?” (Aug. 4) asked if we’ve had enough.

We have.

We’ve had enough of ill-educated, emotional and patently false demonizing.

We are tired of falsehoods and spin by the media and those dumb enough to swallow it without bothering to actually do some research.

We are shocked to read mention of civil war as if it were a paintball game.

We are worried that there will be no United States for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

My grandmother cautioned, “Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.”

—Ian Eales



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