Thanks for supporting veterans; Good letters; A team to be proud of; No coffee but agree to respectfully disagree — Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13, 2019

"Your community is proud of you"

Thanks for continued community support

Thanks to the generous citizens’ support in the Florence area during the veterans fundraiser held at Fred Meyer. Without the continued support from citizens and local businesses, our fundrasiers could not continue.

Thanks from the VFW Auxiliary Post 3232 and VFW Post 3232.

—Sue Miller, President

VFW Auxiliary

Fred Burns, Commander


Thanks for supporting area veterans programs

The VFW Auxiliary would like to thank all the residents of Florence and their families and friends for the support given at our Poppy drives.

We also wish to thank Fred Meyer for allowing us at their north and south entrances to distribute poppies.

We would also like to thank the Siuslaw News for giving the people of Florence information on all military and veteran events.

With the help of businesses and community members, we at the Auxiliary VFW have been able to give money to several organizations like Food Baskets for Kids, White City Veterans Home, Lebanon Veterans Home, The Dalles V.A. Veterans Home, Roseburg V.A. Hospital, VFW Service Dog Program, National Children’s Home and more.

—Joe Miller, Treasurer

VFW Auxiliary Post 3232

Good letters

I wish to commend both Ralph Ray (“Issue Isn’t Climate Change But Elitist Government,” Nov. 9)and Matt Danielsson (“Avoid Hypocritical Approach To Government,” Nov. 9) on their fine recent Letters to the Editor.

To add a bit of information to Ralph’s concern (and mine) over diapers, an estimated 20 billion disposable diapers are added to landfills throughout the country each year, creating about 3.5 million tons of waste.

According to a report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, disposable diapers introduce pathogens into the environment from the solid waste they contain (this was in 2016).

And I would be interested in meeting with Matt, although we may just sit around drinking coffee and agreeing with each other.

—Peter Vance


A team to be proud of

As a community, we be can be very proud of our Siuslaw football team. These young men and coaches started practicing four days a week last spring, practiced most of the summer, and have worked very hard to create the team we see now. 

It is a team that made it to the playoffs for the first time in four years. To the young men and coaches of the Siuslaw Vikings football team, hold your head high. 

Your community is proud of you!

—Bobbie Spencer


No coffee but agree to respectfully disagree

I very much appreciate Matt Danielsson’s clarification (“Avoid Hypocritical Approach to Environment,” Nov. 9) because it had not been clear to me exactly who he had been accusing of hypocrisy, and I was relieved to read that he had not meant the folks holding signs on the sides of the road here in town.

So thank you, Mr. Danielsson, for clearing up that confusion.

I still don’t understand, though, where the shaming mentioned in all three of his letters is coming from. All the signs, articles, memes — and yes — posts on social media that I have seen have been informational rather than accusatory.

I think most of us, no matter what our opinion of the current climate crisis, understand that folks today have to use the technology available today. As green options become available and affordable, I am sure more people will use them.

The point of the information I have seen is to tell folks why they ought to make greener choices whenever they can.

Still, Mr. Danielsson is entitled to his feelings. I am sorry he has experienced this shaming; not only is it counterproductive, but it is very wrong to blame someone for the choices they make when their options are limited (or nonexistent).

As for Mr. Danielsson’s invitation  for a civil discussion over coffee, I am afraid there isn’t enough coffee in the world to convince me that an individual cannot have a global impact, and I suspect he is as strongly attached to his view that the opposite is true.

We will just have to agree to respectfully disagree on that one while we both continue to do what we can locally.

—Debra Walker



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