Thanks for Leah tribute; Democracy in action; When will gas price drop; Where was President; Undiscovered Christmas treasure: Letters to the Editor, Nov. 21, 2018

Thanks to the community for tribute to Leah

Many, many thanks to all of the participants of the tributes to the memory of our beloved daughter, Leah Goodwin.

There were so many organizations and individuals involved. It is hard to find a place to start. We will try to thank everyone personally and in this letter. If we miss anyone, we know Leah is thanking them from heaven.

We would start by thanking Kevin, Matt and Kim at the FEC for donating time, labor and equipment.

Several people gave testimonials about their relationship with Leah, the Florence Methodist Church and others where Leah was a member or volunteered provided cookies, and more than 400 people attended the celebration of her life. Two plaques, a large stone and a brick were given in tribute to Leah at the FEC, where she was involved in numerous plays and productions as an active member of the Last Resort Players and other local theater groups in what she called her “home town” of Florence.

We would be hard pressed to name all of the many good friends who were instrumental in the celebration, but they know who they are — and so does Leah.

At a seperate meeting, she was awarded the Paul Haris Fellow Award sponsored by Chrystal Farnsworth and Dana Rodet at the November Rotary Club meeting.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciate to the community for celebrating Leah’s life.

— Butch, Roise and Machelle Goodwin


Democracy in action

In the Nov. 17 edition of the Siuslaw News,  in a Letter to the Editor (“Call to Action”), Michael Allen “condemns” Mayor Henry’s partisanship position on such issues as sanctuary city status, gun violence prevention, climate change and support for educational upgrades.

One can only conclude that Mayor Henry’s position is contrary to Mr. Allen’s clearly partisan position on these issues.

In addition, he makes an “ardent Call to Action” on this matter.

It seems to me that the results of that “ardent Call to Action” were received when none of the partisan candidates ran against Mayor Henry in the recent election. Furthermore, it is overwhelmingly conclusive that Mayor Henry’s position on these issues and his overall job performance is laudable and highly supported by the residents of Florence when one sees that Mayor Henry garnered 94.09 percent of the votes cast for mayor.

This looks like the “democracy in action" that Mr. Allen identified.

—Ron Duzy


(Note: Mayor Joe Henry ran unapposed in the Nov. 6 midterm election.)

When will local gas prices drop?

Is anybody else curious as to why gas prices in Florence have not fallen?

For many years, the price of regular gas was always 10 cents a gallon cheaper in Florence than Eugene and was always cheaper than Medford.

At the time of writing (Nov. 16), Florence has seen the price drop just 3 cents a gallon in the past week while the price has dropped 10 cents in Eugene during the past couple of days — and is now 25 cents a gallon cheaper than Florence at some stations.

Even in Medford, the price dropped 9 cents in the past two days and is currently as much as 15 cents cheaper than Florence.

It would seem that here in Florence, if no gas station drops its price, the other stations are more than happy to maintain their prices.

—Frank Keavy


Where was the president?

Our Commander and Chief, Donald Trump, has humiliated our military and country. As a political stunt prior to the midterm elections, he sent 5,200 Army troops to the Mexican boarder to help ward off the “invasion” of about 4,000 migrants from Central America who he warned will “invade” our country.

Now these troops have laid barbed wire on top of “the wall” at the tune of $200 million and the troops are bivouacked miles from the border.

In the meantime, Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that, other than laying the barbed wire, he did not know what their other functions were.

Next we had the observance of both WWl and Veterans Day, when it seemed a bit of rain hindered the president from flying in a helicopter to the Asine-Marne American Cemetery, where 2,289 American service men are interned — only an hour’s drive by car from Paris.

Then we have Veterans Day and — once again — he was a no-show, this time at the Arlington National Cemetery observance because a bit of rain. Neither did he attend any other function honoring our service men and women that day.

I served my country in the U.S. Army for three years. I was both humiliated and embarrassed by his actions.

—Win Jolley


An undiscovered Christmas treasure

I have a magnet on the side of my car that says, “Florence Nativity Festival,” and I am always quite surprised at how many people stop and ask me, “What is that?”

For a small town, it is amazing how many fun, giving or spiritual things go on in Florence — especially during the holidays. But, instead of a large service club or nonprofit project, this one started with just a few women sharing their prized Nativity collections over a weekend. 

Now there are over 400 that can be seen for free by the public.

If you haven't discovered it yet, it is a good thing to share with your family and friends and maybe start a yearly tradition. The festival is always the first weekend of December from 1 to 5 p.m. at the church on the corner of Munsel Lake and North Fork roads.

This year, the Friday showing falls on Nov. 30.

—Sherry Harvey


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