Thank You to WLCF from Food Share; Get news, Latin from more than one source; Instead of complaining about art, get involved; Bear killings deserve more attention; ‘Who will I vote for?’ — Letters to the Editor, Aug. 28, 2019

'Make your opinion count when it really matters'

Thank You to WLCF from Food Share

Thanks to a generous grant from Western Lane Community Foundation (WLCF), Florence Food Share will be able to continue providing safe, nutritious food to the families and individuals in this community who depend on Food Share to help stretch their food budgets. 

When Food Share’s walk-in freezer desperately needed an evaporator coil to continue working properly, the WLCF stepped in with a grant to fund the repairs and parts necessary to keep the freezer functioning at the required temperature for food safety.

Over the years, the Western Lane Community Foundation has aided many individuals and organizations through scholarships and grants, and we are truly indebted to the individuals who had the vision to establish, and the generosity and determination to maintain this worthwhile organization.

—Colin Morgan

Operations Manager,

for Florence Food Share

Get news, Latin from more than one source

I’m responding to two Letters to the Editor in the Siusaw News on Saturday, Aug. 24 (“Who Benefits” by Joel Marks and “Best Economy In 50 Years For a Reason” by Martin Cable.)

First from Joel Marks, my understanding of his letter presents a dichotomy: we shouldn’t let “government” dictate how we make money, use property, etc., but he says we should let some amorphous entities do the dictating — presumably much wiser and wealthier than the citizenry. 


And by the way, the Latin for “who benefits?” is “cui bono?” not “Cumi Bono.”

Second, from Martin Cable, I truly hope he’s getting his news from more than one source.

The reality is that there are worries about another recession. China’s economy is strong enough (and totalitarian enough) to see our tariffs and raise them. In the meantime here in the U.S., there are too many citizens working three jobs and living paycheck to paycheck, there is a furious and ugly divide in our citizens and I won’t enumerate other egregious inequalities.

And you ask for whom I’m gonna vote? 

Anyone but the incumbent.

—Patricia Burke


Instead of complaining about art, get involved

Recently there has been considerable complaining about the new mural on the Lincoln PUD building. The one thing that all of these complainers seem to have in common is that they failed to participate at every step in the process.

They failed to care enough to apply to become a public arts committee member at every publicly announced opportunity; they  failed to attend regularly scheduled public meetings; and they failed to attend public comment meetings.

Not one of them submitted a proposal when the call to artists was sent out publicly.

In short, they failed at every one of many opportunities to offer any  meaningful or constructive input.

So my question is: Now that all of the hard work has been done, why should anyone care at all about their opinion?

If you don’t like the way things are going, get out of your chair, turn off the TV, get busy, become involved and make your opinion count when it really matters.

I would like to thank the Public Arts Committee, Central Lincoln PUD and all of the dedicated hard working people that have been involved with — and supportive of — this public art project.

—Timothy A. Creager


Bear killings deserve more attention

I read with dismay on Saturday in the Register-Guard that five bears near Florence have been euthanized this summer.

There was also information in the Siuslaw News on Saturday (“Area Residents Reminded That Feeding Bears Is Illegal.”)

I understand that some people are careless with trash, etc., and other people even deliberately feed bears for the selfish thrill of seeing them.

This subject needs to be publicized as much as possible so that eventually folks realize that they are dooming a bear’s life by feeding it.  The more people talk about this, the more people may understand.

Five bears in the Florence area have apparently been killed this summer alone.

Let’s give this subject the attention that it deserves — this is their home, too.

—Cris Reep


‘Who will I vote for?’

I have an answer to the question posed by Martin Cable in his Letter to the Editor (“Best Economy In 50 Years For A Reason,” Aug. 24), “Who will you vote for?”

I would vote for the person who pulled “our USA” from the worst recession ever.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama can’t run for a third term.

But alas, anyone else will do. “Our USA” will have to wait until a Democrat is elected to run.

—David J. Campbell



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