Thank you Deadwood; Crass President; Illegal is illegal — Letters to the Editor, Oct. 6, 2018

A thank you to Deadwood

My friend and I were driving through Deadwood a couple of weeks ago (on vacation) and had a flat tire on Highway 36, just before sunset. There was no spare in my rental car, only a small air compressor. Since the tire was gashed, the compressor did no good. We were out of cell phone range and it was starting to get dark. We were concerned for our safety and hoping someone would drive by with a working phone to call AAA.

And who would appear but Tammy Sheppard, who works for the Wilbur family. Tammy took us to the Wilburs’ house, where Johnette Roane and Don Wilbur were hosting the Deadwood Cemetery committee meeting. Johnette immediately let us use their phone and Tammy left to find us a spare tire.

She returned later to make sure the tow truck driver took good care of us.

What could have been a dangerous and stressful event turned into a lot of fun! We had apple pie in the Wilburs’ home and a friendly welcome from the committee members. We felt very cared for and safe. AAA tow truck came to the rescue and got us back to Yachats.

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Tammy, Johnette and Don for their most wonderful assistance and hospitality to two strangers in distress on a dark and winding road.

Thank you kindly.

—Linda McDill, Santa Fe, NM

Donna Hightower, Pt Arthur, Texas

President’s crass words are shameful

Yesterday I watched as President Trump unnecessarily ridiculed a female reporter in the rose garden of The White House. Last night, I watched as he made hateful disparaging remarks about Christine Blasey Ford, seemingly just to rile up his rally supporters.

I am appalled at both acts of blatant cruelty and misogyny. To all who think he was totally justified in what and how he spoke, I address his rally comments. There are millions of we women out here who remember exactly the trauma of the sexual assault but have long ago forgotten the peripheral details surrounding it. 

We can remember the smell of his body, his breath, his laughter of enjoying the dominance, the terrifying fear we felt. Most of us never talked about it until much much later, not even to our friends or family. We talk about it now because we are finally empowered and no longer ashamed. 

We do not relinquish to you the right to shame us, or Christine Blasey Ford.  President Trump is the one who should be ashamed, of his crass words and insensitivity in both of these situations. 

—Judy Kinsman


Illegal is illegal. Period.

I believe there was a misprint on the front page of the Siuslaw News (Oct. 3) with the headline “Groups Organize March to Support Immigrant Rights.” I believe the word “immigrant” was misused as the article went on to talk about illegal immigrants. As far as I know, all legal immigrants — such as my own father — have rights ... legal rights.

An illegal entry person should not be classified as an “immigrant.” He or she is an illegal entry person. Period. The article stated their only violation of the law is that of federal immigration  law.

Isn’t that enough? Can any of us legally here, native born or legal immigrant, expect to violate laws and expect no punishment? We all know the answer to that.

I am glad the names of people and organizations that support the illegals were published for all to know. For all of you, look up the word “illegal” in the dictionary and see the definition — in case you have conveniently forgotten.

—Tony Cavarno


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