Texas 4000 riders return to Florence

Cyclists from the University of Texas ride for cancer awareness

July 6, 2019 — The Texas 4000 bicyclists will be arriving in Florence again this Sunday July 7th around 3:00pm coming in from Eugene.  St. Andrews Episcopal Church is hosting them with the help of many other community supporters. 

This is the 14th year the longest charity ride in the world is stopping here in Florence.  There are 10 guys and 18 gals in this group each  biking 4000+ miles from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK often in many challenging conditions and terrains.  Their mission is to spread HOPE for those suffering with cancer, KNOWLEDGE on prevention of cancer and  CHARITY by raising funds for a cancer cure. Thirteen homes will be welcoming them so they can get showers, do laundry and have a comfortable bed to sleep. 

The Elks Club is generously cooking them a wonderful turkey /ham dinner that evening. It’s a special opportunity to get to know them and be inspired by their dedicated mission. 

Most are recent graduates of UT and most have experienced cancer in their own families or with friends. The next morning is a breakfast feast at St. Andrews Episcopal Church followed by a dedication ceremony before heading north. For more information about this impressive group go to texas4000.org or call Terri Pennington at 541-999-2400.