Suspect identified in Nov. 22 bomb threat at Siuslaw Middle School

Student to be suspended pending threat assessment

Nov. 23, 2021 — A student suspect has been identified by authorities in the bomb threat message found at Siuslaw Middle School on Monday afternoon. As per local school board policy, the individual is suspended from school, pending a threat assessment and a disciplinary hearing that may result in expulsion.

Additional information is still being reviewed and the school district is cooperating with law enforcement in all aspects of the investigation.

“Student safety is a priority of all district personnel,” said Siuslaw Superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak. “When a potential threat is known, relevant and accurate information is released as soon as possible. Any person specifically named as a target of a potential threat is notified.”

If groups of students are stated to be potential targets, the community is informed and the incident is taken as a potential threat to the entire campus. During the investigation, as more information is discovered and confirmed, it is also released so that families can make the decision that is best for them.

The Siuslaw School District, in coordination with local law enforcement, uses the bomb threat screening protocol outlined by the Department of Homeland Security.

In the case of this bomb threat, there was:

  • No individual person or group of persons named as potential targets
  • No specific information was given about the nature of any possible device
  • No specific information was given about a time, date, or location of any possible device
  • No demand or grievance was listed in the message

“At no point in time would students be allowed to be on campus if law enforcement determined that there was a credible threat to their safety,” Grzeskowiak stated.

Schools would be closed until deemed safe by law enforcement to resume operations. With the culprit being identified last evening it was possible to continue with operations today as there was no active threat to students, transportation or facilities.

Law enforcement will determine the proper criminal charge for this act. There will be disciplinary action from the school, in line with law and policy, which could result in expulsion without services for up to one calendar year.

As the person in question is a minor and a student, there are restrictions preventing the disclosure of their identity and the exact consequences of discipline.

The Siuslaw School District takes threats and rumors seriously. All avenues are explored to determine the credibility and validity of potential threats to student safety. Please know that the district will always investigate any threat, or rumor of a threat, to the fullest extent possible in cooperation with the police.

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Editor's Note: Due to Siuslaw News' Thanksgiving Week printing schedule, this story will appear in the Saturday, Nov. 27, edition of the newspaper.


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