Super-duper superheroes (and villains) soar at CROW

Summer theater camps continue

Aug. 3, 2022 — Less than one day into the CROW Summer Theatre Camp entitled “Superheroes vs. Supervillains,” and already CROW directors William Owens, Halle Anderson and Elyse Stewart are delighted with the progress!

Bright red t-shirts have been passed out, character development has begun, improv games are being taught, and prizes are being awarded daily to well behaved kids who exhibit the kind of life skills that CROW strives to instill: hard work, dedication, energy, commitment, teamwork, and more. 

“Every year we find more stuff to love about our campers,” said CROW Artistic Director Melanie Heard. “Our CROW kids are so great, that we create a chart for each camp where write down the great things that they are consistently doing. We call the chart, “Stuff We Love!” and it’s easy to find lots of things to love about these great kids.”

A credentialed teacher, Heard knows that enthusiastic positive reinforcement directly equates to kids who strive to be good citizens.

“Want to create contributing members of society?” she asked. “Tell ‘em what they’re doing right! They’ll want to do more and more.” 

CROW summer camps are definitely fun and educational, and they teach much more than just how to perform on a stage. CROW directors work hard to create an upbeat, welcoming environment where the kids are learning and having fun at the same time.

This session’s camp curriculum is focused on teaching kids how to do voice, body and brain warm ups, how to create a fantastical superhero or supervillain character that is unique and exciting, how to craft short scenes and how to utilize the skills that are needed to be a good performer. Don’t tell the kids, but they’re also learning character-building, group cooperation, and creative writing skills.

The next camp session, which begins in two weeks will be the Advanced Acting Program, and is specifically geared for teens. 

There are several new faces in this camp, and quite a few “baby crows” — the nickname for the littlest campers who are quickly learning the ropes from older kids — including the three directors, who are all CROW alumni.


CROW prides itself on providing opportunities for mixed ages to mingle, get to know each other and create friendships that might not have existed if it weren’t for this nonprofit organization. This is the basis for the philosophy that the program is a big “CROW family.” 

“In today’s challenging post-COVID world, we all need a family of support,” said Heard. “We are grateful to be able to help make these kids feel secure, seen and respected. It’s not hard to feel the excitement in the CROW studio. It’s literally palpable, and our campers are going to have a really fantastic week.”

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