Stopping political hatred — Letter to the Editor, Feb. 8, 2020

Stopping political hatred

I fully support Mr. DeMers’ goal of stopping political hatred. It is a matter of faith for me that I never hate any person.

While I may severely disagree with a person’s actions, I still love that person in spite of our disagreement. I do hate some actions, but I always (well, at least try my best to) love that person.

I’m a life-long Democrat. There are many actions taken during Trump’s administration that I do detest. But I do not hate President Trump nor his supporters. I love people. However, I do find many of this administration’s policies to be morally objectionable.

I’m sorry Mr. DeMers has experienced hatred for his political views. That’s just not right.

However, President Trump and many of his supporters have frequently espoused hatred towards multiple groups of people. That is also just not right.

Lastly, it should be noted that no candidate in 2016 won a majority of the voting population. A plurality of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump (48.2% v. 46.0%). (Source:

Sadly, only about 56 percent of eligible voters actually voted.

Rather than hatered, I hope the other 44 percent will make their voices heard by voting this November.

—Rob Welles



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