Stephen Charles Peerson

Oct. 10, 2018 — Stephen Charles Peerson was born Nov. 16, 1955, and passed away Sept. 27, 2018.

Steve, affectionately known by the nickname “Pete,” passed away peacefully at his Fiddle Creek home.

Steve was a life-long resident of Florence, a town he loved and cherished.

Steve loved all that Florence had to offer; he liked to crab, fish, dig for clams, beachcomb and other outdoor activities.

He enjoyed many friends, had a quick wit and a fiery humor.

Steve was never a father, but he was “Uncle Steve” to many of his friends and families' kids. Kids always brought great joy and happiness to Steve. He loved to give gifts to children so he could watch their joy.

Steve had a gentle, caring soul. He would help and take care of anyone, any time. He wanted everyone around him to be happy, and he went out of his way to ensure it.

Steve loved and adored all creatures, great and small, especially dogs and birds. Steve rescued many animals in his life and gave them a good home.

Please donate to your local humane society in Steve’s name.

Steve is survived by his brothers: John and his wife, Milana, and their kids; and Don and his wife, Anne, and their kids.

There will be a private service for Steve at his home with friends and family on Sunday, Oct. 14, beginning at 2 p.m.


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