Stellar dance, sparsely attended; Kent will move ideas — Letters to the Editor, May 4, 2019

o the enthusiastic audience members who did attend, bravo

Stellar dance performance, sparsely attended

Last Sunday, April 28, we attended the OBT2 (Oregon Ballet Theater) performance at the Florence Events Center. It was fabulous. We attend quite a few dance performances and this one was the most professional, well-presented and exciting performance ever. The contemporary dances were powerful, poignant and so well done they were simply mesmerizing.

We can’t help but wonder why this event was so sparsely attended by the community? It was a stellar performance on all accounts and deserved a full house. To the enthusiastic audience members who did attend, bravo. 

To those who missed this great performance, if OBT2 graces our stage again, mark your calendars and don’t miss out.

—Camille & Skip Thomsen


Kent will move ideas into actions for LESD board

We are writing to share our enthusiastic support for Nora Kent for Lane Education Service District Board. We have had the good fortune to work with Nora on the Heart of the Coast Housing Alliance and have found her leadership to be immeasurable in moving us from ideas to action.

We rely extensively on her knowledge of education policies and boards to align our goals with the needs of Florence construction education students. We have been the beneficiaries of her vast experience in creating innovative programs for homeschoolers, adjudicated youth, teen parents and more.

Nora has been instrumental in helping us develop a concrete proposal for the Siuslaw School District, Lane Community College and Lane ESD.

Her passion and commitment to her students goes far beyond curriculum and grades; she cares deeply about their success in life, family and community.

Lane County is fortunate to have a candidate of her caliber and dedication and will support her in the May Special Election.

—Eric Hauptman

Heart of the Coast Housing Alliance


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