Stars align for Follies; A happy ending — Letters to the Editor 12-5-18

Stars aligned for Holly Jolly Follies

Our community received a beautiful gift. For a couple hours we delighted together in all that is right with the world: A celebration of peace, hope, joy and love. This year’s Holly Jolly Follies brought us laughter and heart warming moments — a balm for the weary soul. 

Another round of applause for Melanie Heard, the CROW (Children’s Repertory of Oregon Workshops) production team and cast! Thank you for enriching our holidays with your outstanding talents.

I am especially encouraged by the many youth I saw on stage. When I look at them, I see our future teachers, healthcare professionals, bankers, creatives, leaders and more.

When we financially support CROW, we create unique opportunities for growth and development in our youth. In turn, they will remember our support and their wonderful experiences.

It is these experiences that will inspire them to stay or return home and give back to our community.

Our youth face many difficult challenges. CROW helps them find their wings so they can soar. You can be part of all that is right with the world.

Remember, there is hope and the stars do align.

—Patricia Immel


Happy ending for stray

Editor’s Update: In the Dec. 1 Letter to the Editor “Some Wonderful, Caring People In Florence,” letter writer Robin Malavasic spoke about how traffic stopped and community members helped round up a stray dog on Rhododendron Drive on Nov. 29.

In her letter, in addition to her thanks to the many “good and caring people” who helped, she said she hoped that the Oregon Coast Humane Society (OCHS) would be able to find the dog’s owner.

Thursday, the Siuslaw News received the following email from OCHS Shelter Manager Marina Lewis: “Our board treasurer, Jerry, called this afternoon to let us know about the Letter to the Editor piece about bringing in a stray. I just wanted to let you know that the dog in question was later reunited with his owner the same day!”

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