Staff shortages shutter services

Rite-Aid pharmacy currently closed while Shangri-La gives residences notice

Dec. 4, 2021 — Staffing shortages continue to negatively impact local businesses, with the latest casualties being the pharmacy at Rite-Aid and the social service organization Shangri-La. The pharmacy at Rite-Aid on Highway 101 has been without an on-site pharmacist for more than two weeks and has been unable to fill prescriptions during that time. 

Rite-Aid is currently searching for a full-time pharmacy staff. As of press time Friday, Rite-Aid’s corporate office has not responded to requests for information regarding the closure or steps being taken to provide this needed service to the Florence area.

The situation at Shangri-La is much different, as the staff shortages have forced what is likely to be a permanent closure of the organization’s location on First Street in Florence.

Shangri-La Public Outreach Coordinator Ashley Erb responded to inquiries acknowledging the shortage of workers was the primary reason for the closure.

“ Shangri-La is closing its programs in Florence and Newport. We have a full release ready to share with the public late (Friday) afternoon. We fully intend to be transparent about these closures with the community,” she said. “I can share at this time that these closures are not the result of Shangri-La's license to provide services being revoked or suspended, but more so related to workforce shortages and other challenges.”

That information was not available by press time Friday. 

Erb also stated the decision to close locations was difficult for residents and their families. She reassured them that the company is working to inform all clients of the situation and to assist them in any way possible during the upcoming transition.

Look for additional information on both these staff shortages in the next editions of the Siuslaw News.