Sophomore Memoir

June 20, 2018 — School has finally let out! But before I dramatically celebrate a survival of another school year, I want to reflect on the most memorable moments of my sophomore school year at Siuslaw High School. This year marked my 12th year in the Siuslaw School District, as I am moving on to my junior year and the 11th grade.

Let’s start off at the early days of the first month of school. As the summer season closes, days become shorter, and back-to-school sales are going on everywhere. You then get the sick feeling of going back to school and having to listen to many boring lectures for days on end.

When the first day of school arrives, you may wake up late, or you may be nagged to get up at 6:30 a.m. to go back to school.

My first month of school wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t interesting either. The classes I had were English II, World Studies, Geometry, Cinema Studies, Culinary Arts I, Leadership and Biology.

After getting to know all my teachers, my focus then slowly shifted from summer memories to school focus. I did my best to be a good student, as I turn in assignments on time and showing up every single day. At the end of October, I was doing fairly well, as I had mostly “As” in my report card.

I remember one day, when I thought I was getting sick but went to school anyway. I try to look forward to school, and I actually do. When most students feel even a little sick, the most common thing is to stay at home. However that was not the case for me, as I still went to school. I felt really proud of myself, as I have shown that not even feeling like I was getting sick could hold me back from attending school.

Then we reached the crossroads of two semesters. The first semester shows the things that you have done to see what you can do, while in the second lies the opportunities that await you from these decisions and actions.

I had most of the same classes as the first semester, except I now have Creative Arts I instead of Culinary Arts I.

Unfortunately, this also means that parents are going to check your grades in each class, and you could potentially get punished for having a bad grade. For me, any grade with a “C” or below raises a red flag for me. Yes, I know a “C” is passing, but “C” means average. I don’t want to be average. I want to be an exceeding student.

Nearing the end of semester one, I still had mostly “As” in my classes, only having a “B” in English II and Culinary Arts I. Then, a family emergency happened, which caused my grades to drastically drop. All of my teachers understood what had happened, and most told me not to worry about schoolwork. In an email one teacher sent, they said, “Family comes first.”

 Despite that reassurance, when I came back to school, not only was I stressed out from the family emergency, but I had a lot of catching up to do. Thankfully, our school has something known as extended semesters. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and my teachers gave me an extended semester.

However, even as an extremely hard-working student — now working twice or even three times as hard to keep up with my classes — it was hard to keep up with all of them.

Then, a miracle happened.

It started off with my English II teacher. He told me not to worry about the missing work and readjust my focus to what we were currently doing. Slowly, one by one, the rest of my teachers told me that I had shown great potential ending the semester. After receiving those messages, I felt a huge amount of respect had been given to me. I had shown tons of potential to these teachers and went on to end the semester with all “As.” It was thanks to potential I’ve shown, my hard work and my teachers’ understanding.

Then we reached the end of the school year and Florence’s annual Rhododendron Festival.

Usually I like to think of Rhody Days as a sign of summer release. The feeling I get from Rhody Days is a summer feeling. When the carnival leaves, I always think I have the power and motivation to finish off the school year strong.

The last days of school have been creeping up quicker than I thought, and not only are the last days of school coming, but finals as well. This also creates a scramble of chaos for us students as we try to have fun and study at the same time — Which probably will never work.

However, we can all agree that the beginning of summer vacation will be fun, whether passing a class or not. For me, I tried to hold my focus on ending the year on a 4.0 GPA. Just recently, all of my grades were “As” — possibly enough to have another first, with a 4.0 GPA for both semesters.

I began 2018 with a wish to end the school year with a 4.0. However, I don’t believe in wishing for stuff; rather, I go and get it by working hard for it.

And now it is summer.

In my opinion, summer vacation is a time to relax as much as possible. Some of my peers have gotten jobs, and so have I, as I help my parents at our restaurant, International C-Food Market (ICM) in Historic Old Town Florence.

There are also a couple of things I look forward to this summer. Besides watching a NASCAR race each Sunday, I look forward to being a “Minion” for one of CROW’s summer camps in July; possibly being an intern for the Florence Air Academy in August; and, the biggest thing for me, participating in a leadership camp this June, the Camp Rotary Youth Leadership Academy.

As summer vacation begins, I sit at my desk, daydreaming about the good times I’ll have in this off-school season.

Now that I have shared some school memories, school’s out!


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