Some nice people; Sometimes government does right; Thank you, Reedsport; Jordan Cove boondoggle — Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14, 2019

"I just want to say we have some nice people in our town that are here to help"

Some nice people in our town

On Sept. 6, I was [transporting] packaged food items with my truck donated by Fred Meyer for the Backpack Ministry at Cross Road Church. As I took off from a stop at 35th and Highway 101, I heard a crashing sound.

My load had fallen, covering a lane of traffic. Before I could get out of my truck, I saw the red and blue flashing lights — and two of our first responders out picking up the food items.

We quickly realized these loose items were not going to fit back into my truck and I thought, “Now what?”

That’s when a truck from the City of Florence came to the rescue and we recovered everything in short order.

I asked the officer if I was going to be ticketed for a load that was not secure. He just smiled and said “I hope you have a better day.”

I just want to say we have some nice people in our town that are here to help.

—Leland Fowler


Sometimes, government does the right thing

Once in a while we do get an opportunity to see government do the right thing. Such was the case when, at a meeting of the Lane County Board of Commissioners, Collard Lake Road was accepted into the county-maintained road system. 

And it only took 43 years to get it done!

It was in 1976 when the county commissioners approved, by unanimous vote, taking in the road; and then failed to see the resolution acted on. Over the years since, the residents dependent on the road made repeated efforts to correct the wrong, only to be rebuffed by the county time and again.

This time around, through the concerted efforts of concerned citizens, the arguments in favor of the county stepping up to its responsibilities found the receptive ear of Commissioner Jay Bozievich. His hard work in determining the sound basis for this action was clearly responsible for bringing the other commissioners on board, and he is to be commended.

—Jimmie Zinn


Thank you, Reedsport

On behalf of Post 3232 VFW Florence, I would like to thank Fred Wahl Construction, the Dollar Store and McKay’s Market in Reedsport for their continued support of our veterans.

—Fred Burns, Commander

Post 3232 VFW Florence

Promotion of Jordan Cove is a ‘boondoggle’

Three earthquakes off Coos Bay in less than a week, including one at 5.9 and one at 3.8. A third quake was recorded on Aug. 29, at a 6.3.

All three were in the same general area, as were several others this year. What’s troubling is that the Coos County Commissioners voted to allow the Canadian LNG project on the sand spit at Jordan Cove, east of North Bend, to continue.

Are they crazy?

True, the quakes eminated from a new fault line west of the Cascadia Fault, which is predicted to cause a major earthquake in the near future. Nonetheless, placing a highly volatile LNG facility at Jordan  Cove on sand is a questionable venture in itself.

With the current spate of earthquakes, the safety of Bay Area residents is at stake. It’s time to stop this latest “boondoggle” that the sightless leaders of Coos County and others who are promoting this safety hazard.

—Dennis Baker



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