Small flag or bigger pole; Thanks for Florentine estates; Curious homeowner; More communication on school bond; Impressed by darkhorse; Socialism or Social Democrat; Immigrate but wait your turn — Letters to the Editor, Aug. 21, 2019

Our patriotism should not be reflected by the size of our flag, but the size of our hearts

Immigrate to the U.S. but wait your turn 

The election season is starting to rev up and there is a lot of talk about immigration. As an immigrant myself, my liberal-leaning friends and acquaintances are surprised to learn that I’m adamantly opposed to illegal immigration and find all talk of amnesty ludicrus.

Why is that?

I came to the U.S. in the winter 1998 but didn’t earn my citizenship until 2006. And I use the word “earn” because it is a lengthy process with many hoops to jump through to prove that you know your adopted country’s language, history and civil system.

You also have to prove that you are not a criminal, can support yourself and are willing and able to become a productive member of society.

Fail any of the above, and you’re out.

It even comes with a lifetime rider that revokes citizenship in case you turn to a life of crime decades after obtaining your U.S. passport.

As a result, legal immigrants like myself tend to value the right to live here simply because we had to earn it. We make it a point of pride to never have received a dime from any welfare program, we teach our kids to respect the laws of the land, and we fully embrace the American way of life.

I suspect many of those who are more liberal-leaning don’t appreciate what they have, much like rich kids who don’t realize how blessed they are. Such kids tend to become brats who take everything for granted, sometimes squandering a family fortune that took previous generations much sweat and toil to accumulate.

You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

That is why I am wholly supportive of continued legal immigration while opposing illegal immigration. It is not “racist” to enforce the law. It is the foundation of our society. If we start to undermine our legal framework, we are on a slippery slope to become exactly the kind of countries all these illegal immigrants came from — and the difference can be observed in the mere fact that they want to come here instead of the other way around.

If we did indeed open the borders and declare general amnesty, the flow across the border would soon cease.

Why? Because I believe the U.S. would degenerate to the same level of corrupt misery they want to leave behind.

Again, race is hardly a factor. The key determinant is whether the person is willing to step up to the responsibilities that come with the privileges.

It can also be boiled down like this: Imagine you are in an amusement park in the summer with long lines. It stinks, but that’s how the system works — and has to work, since everybody can’t go at the same time.

But after having waited patiently for 20 minutes, someone thinks they are special and tries to jump the line up front. Do you cheer them on or do you tell them to get to the back of line and wait their turn like everyone else?

—Matt Danielsson


Smaller flag or bigger pole

Dear City Hall, either get a larger flag pole or a smaller flag.

“Our patriotism should not be reflected by the size of our flag, but the size of our hearts”

—Ensign Stanley Smullen, survivor of Pear Harbor and my Uncle.

Thank you.

—Edward Gunderson


Thank You to community from Florentine Estates 

On behalf of all the participants in our Biennial Florentine Estates Garage Sale, I want to extend a big Thank You to our guests for their cooperation in following the directional signs, flagger instructions and parking regulations. We hope everyone had as positive an experience as we did. You all helped to make this a successful event, and we look forward to seeing you again in two years.

—Kathy Schimmelman,

Garage Sale Coordinator


Curious homeowner on 20th Street

I noticed that there have been some streets being repaired around the city. The only problem is they missed the one street in dire need of fixing.

If you have ever driven down east 20th from Spruce to the end of the street, you would understand why I am wondering why this street was overlooked?

The one street in need of fixing didn’t get it done — Just saying.

—Dusty Anderson


More communication needed on school bond

In the Saturday Siuslaw News article “Facility Advisory Committee Presents New Plan For High School Bond” (Aug. 17), Bob Orr is quoted as saying “we’re trying to make sure we have a lot of community members from a lot of different worlds helping us along the process.”

Orr said the results only included responses from 350 residents. That doesn’t seem like a lot of resident input considering they have been at the process from last November to the present (as stated in the article.)

Perhaps more effort needs to be made to communicate to community members. This seems to be a common theme in other community issues also, i.e. the recent mural project.

There could be survey sheets at many of the public buildings along with collection boxes. The more information we can share with the residents about their perceived concerns, the greater the chances we will have in resolving these concerns.

—​Bruce Jarvis


Impressed by ‘darkhorse’ Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

I was watching CNN yesterday and of course there was discussion about the Democratic contenders for president.

One guest said that [Elizabeth] Warren and [Bernie] Sanders would cancel each other out, that [Joe] Biden did not have a chance in hell and [Kamala] Harris would be the only one standing — but could not win.

The guest said someone would come out as a “darkhorse” and would step up and run with Warren as his running mate. Then, last night, I watching Bill Maher and the U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse, was his guest.

I was completely blown away and impressed by his intelligence, knowledge and demeanor. Hopefully he will run, not as a “darkhorse” but as a whitehorse with wings. I believe in a one-on-one debate with Trump, Sen. Whitehouse would destroy him.

—Win Jolley


Socialism or Social Democrat? I pick neither 

What is the difference between socialism and a Social Democrat?

Socialism: A theory or system of social organizaton in which the means of production and distribution of goods are owned and controlled collectively or by the government; the stage following Capitalism in the transition of a society to Communism.

Social Democratic Party: A German political party formed in 1875 advocating a form of cosial organization based on Marxist ideology.

Reference: Webster’s College Dictionary.

Who on Earth would want either of these? Not me.

—Lynne Furby


Editor’s Note: The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary in our newsroom defines Social Democracy as: “(1888) A political movement advocating a gradual and peaceful transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means.”


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