Slow down on Siuslaw; Masks overrated; double thank you

Your Letters to the Editor for July 15, 2020

Slow down on the Siuslaw

It’s recreational boating season again with salmon season soon to follow. I think I can speak for several riverfront homeowners when I say, we would appreciate it if boaters would slow down when going by private docks.

It won’t take that much longer to get to where you are headed.

While there is no regulation that states that you have to, some common courtesy would be appreciated.

I am aware of several docks that have sustained damage from boats going by too fast and too close.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the damage you cause to private property.

Slow down a bit, enjoy the beautiful Siuslaw River and we will all get along.

—Mitch Sloan


Masks are not the answer

My issue is with the COVID-19 panic, much of which I see being fueled by ignorant national, state and local government leaders.

They don’t really have a clue as to limiting the exposure to the virus. Masks are not the answer and, in many ways, give people a false feeling of security.

According to test results I have read, depending on the type of mask worn, they can be as little as 55 effective — with bandanas being the least effective.

After 40 years of being an Infection Control Officer in the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and the civilian world, I can tell you that the only truly effective mask is the M5 gas mask.

Viruses are 50 percent heavier than bacteria, which means they can generally travel up to six feet when someone coughs or sneezes. Bacteria, such as the common cold, can travel 20 to 30 feet. So unless you are having a heated argument with someone, your risk of exposure to the virus is pretty minimal.

Your chances of developing cancer are many times greater than acquiring the virus from shared, non-porous surfaces such as shopping carts.

Wake up America. Stop supporting mask manufacturers and taking what the CDC is feeding to the media and public. The  CDC is one of the most overfunded organizations in the country.

I know, I dealt with their delays and incorrect findings for 40 years.

—Jay Straley, Florence

Retired Medical Laboratory


A double thank you is due

First, a thank you to Lois Worley for expressing her thoughts on the Opinion page twice (“What Is Happening To Our Nation,” July 3;  “United We Stand, United We Fall,” July 11), which reflect the thoughts of the Americans I know who love this country.

Sadly, it is evident not all Americans do love our country — and many of the rest of us are getting the opinion that enough is enough of recent happenings.

Secondly, thank you Siuslaw News for printing her opinion. You probably get many Letters to the Editor and, with limited space, have to choose which to print.

So, we thank you for choosing to print her very thought-provoking and accurate message.

—Tony Cavarno



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