Siuslaw's inaugural varsity soccer season nets high marks

Siuslaw junior Jason Garcia prepares for a corner kick for the Vikings. Garcia was the first to score for Siuslaw during its final match against Elmira. (Ned Hickson/Siuslaw News)

Siuslaw’s soccer team traveled to Elmira High School March 30 for a close match to end the season. In the first half, Elmira was the first to score, and the Vikings answered with a goal by Jason Garcia off of a free kick just outside the penalty box.

After that, Elmira scored off of a corner kick. The ball was centered on the kick, then was bounced around from foot to foot in the box — with the Falcons able to get a shot in before the Vikings cleared it.

With that goal, the first half ended 1-2 in Elmira’s favor.

In the second half, Siuslaw battled to keep the ball in the Falcons’ territory and were able to successfully tie the game on a goal from Yoskar De La Mora. The ball hit the underside of the crossbar, bouncing down and then into the net.

Coach Londi Tomaro noted, “It was a bit nerve-wracking to watch, but ultimately ended up in the goal.”

The Vikings remained tied with the Falcons for a good portion of the second half. But towards the end, Elmira got a bit of a breakaway and scored with less than 10 minutes in the match. Siuslaw had some scoring attempts, but unfortunately wasn’t able to connect for another goal.

“What it came down to, I think, is that Elmira wanted the win more than we did,” Tomaro said. “They [Elmira] played with that extra level of intensity that we were missing.”

Overall, the Vikings played hard, taking five shots in the first half. Two from Garcia, along eith one each from De La Mora, Kayden Lane and Hunter Pimlott. Dante Galli made four saves in the half as well.

In the second half, Siuslaw took another five shots, two from Derrick Vanduch, and one each from Garcia, Daniel Paasch and Noel Hernandez.

The Vikings finished their season with an overall record of 2-7, and Tomaro was very proud of her team for their efforts in this inaugural varsity season.

“We will celebrate our team, take a bit of a break, and then start voluntary training to prepare for the fall and our next season of Siuslaw Soccer,” said Tomaro.