Siuslaw welcomes new school district staff for 2021-22


(Photos provided by Bev Scott)

Sept. 8, 2021 — 

On Sept. 1, Siuslaw School District held an all-staff meeting to kick off the 2021-22 school year, which began Tuesday with the first day back for sixth and ninth graders. The first day of school for the entire district is today, Sept. 8, with kindergarten starting Sept. 9.

The staff members gathered at the Siuslaw High School Grandstands on the football field.

At the all-staff meeting, Siuslaw Superintendent Andrew Grzeskowiak introduced some changes to the administrations of some of the buildings. This year, the Siuslaw Elementary principal will be Amy Flora, who joins Vice Principal Leonard Ulrich. The leadership at Siuslaw Middle will remain the same, with Principal Andy Marohl and Assistant Principal Nathan Green. Siuslaw High School gained Principal Michael Harklerode and Assistant Principal Bev Scott, who join Assistant Principal Garth Gerot.

“There’s a bit of hope at the school,” Grzeskowiak said. “It is normal operations for the first time in a year and a half, having most everybody back together, and really moving forward. We’ve got some great new staff coming on across all the buildings. It’s going to be a positive year. I think having everybody here, every day, is going to be good.”

Other new staff members are also joining the district.

At Siuslaw Elementary, this includes:

  • Angela Leverich, third grade teacher
  • Savannah Miller, first grade teacher
  • Chris Newlan, second grade teacher
  • Julie Steyding, licensed clinical social worker 
  • Jessica Vasquez, kindergarten teacher 
  • Alexandria Wachtel, first grade teacher
  • Wendy York, secretary
  • Janette Sapienza, secretary
  • Kristopher Keppol, educational aide
  • Ty Coons, educational aide
  • Cassidie Coxen, educational aide

At Siuslaw Middle, new staff includes:

  • Brittany Anderson, school counselor
  • Rafael Garcia, CTE, Construction, Woodworking
  • Lindsey Ulrich, P.E. and Health teacher
  • Chehalis Stinger, library aide

Siuslaw High School’s new staff includes:

  • Trisha Holden, math/alt ed teacher
  • Luke Korber, advanced math teacher
  • Sara Mann, CTE health occupations teacher
  • Elizabeth McClellan- social studies
  • Robert Orr, counselor
  • Dylan Perry, PE & health teacher
  • Elizabeth Wheeler, library aide II
  • Nick Johnson, assistant HS football coach
  • Sean Campbell, assistant HS football coach 
  • Kari Blake, head HS volleyball coach
  • Rita Nelson, social studies
  • Kelly Joslin, Future Success & ELA

Ian Jarmin joins Siuslaw as the district nurse.

The all-staff meeting also included the introduction of the Siuslaw School District Board of Directors and the Budget Committee.

In addition, the district honored several staff members for their years of dedication to education. Both Alexis Wells and Jerry Fleming have served for 15 years. Patti Mead, Doug Osbon and David Spencer have served for 20 years. For 25 years of dedicated service, the district honored Grzeskowiak, Rachelle Krause-Campbell, Vonnie McClellan and Cary Pinnock.

Finally, all staff were invited to join parents, area residents and district supporters in joining Florence Community PTA. Learn more at

For more information about the start of Siuslaw’s school year, visit and read Saturday’s edition of the Siuslaw News for an in-depth interview with Grzeskowiak.

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