Siuslaw Valley seats new board members and gets to work

New chaplain position, board leadership named

Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue welcomed two new board members on July. Directors Ron Green and Ned Hickson took the oath of office as the first action item undertaken at the district’s scheduled monthly meeting.

Chief Director Jim Langborg administered the oath individually to Green and Hickson and the new board was convened.

The board’s first order of business was the nomination of and voting on new officers for the board.

Green and sitting board member John Carnahan both received nominations for board president, with Green then voted in as president and Carnahan as vice president.

Current board member Woody Woodbury was nominated for and accepted the position of secretary treasurer.

The board’s next order of business was the introduction and swearing in of Chaplain Lori Severance.

Langborg presented Severance’s resume and qualifications, and spoke highly of her experience.

“It’s a privilege to welcome her to our ranks,” Langborg said. “We feel fortunate to be able to add someone who brings 20 years of experience as a professional crisis intervention worker … with a master’s degree in social work and in psychology.”

Langborg then asked the board to approve the job description that had been included in the meeting packet that had been prepared for the members.

Carnahan initiated a brief discussion, questioning the need for and the wisdom of creating a new paid position, as the district currently has four volunteer chaplains on call.

Hickson echoed this concern.

The chief director pointed out the good work the current volunteer chaplains had been doing before saying that Severance’s education and professional training would allow her to work with them, sharing her insights and improving the district’s ability to respond to the wide variety of situations chaplains encounter.

After a brief discussion, the board approved the chaplain’s job description, essentially allowing the district to hire Severance as an employee.

The next major agenda item was the suggested dissolution of the Administrative Advisory Committee (AAC), which had been formed to advise the boards of directors of Siuslaw Valley and Western Lane Ambulance District as they enacted an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for shared administration.

The IGA combines aspects of the administrative and operation functions of the two districts, streamlining procedures with a plan to save taxpayers money.

The AAC last met on June 26. At that time, members decided to recommend that their work had been satisfactorily completed and the need for further input from their group was unnecessary.

Langborg said, “Essentially, the AAC felt the duties of and the need for the committee have been met. The intent of the committee was to be sure we had a forum for citizens, employees and volunteers at both organizations to be able to receive feedback on our objectives as we moved forward with the IGA, and that forum was successful. The members feel their function as an advisory committee to both boards has been met and they asked me to bring their recommendation to dissolve to both boards.”

Discussion was again brief regarding the motion and it passed with a four to one vote.

Western Lane’s directors will vote on the issue at their next meeting on Thursday, July 27.

Siuslaw Valley’s board of directors meets on the third Wednesday of every month at the Main Station, located at 2625 Highway 101.

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