Siuslaw third-grader starts book drive project

Kindness club inspires student to share love of reading with less fortunate

April 4, 2018 — 

Third-grader Quoyle Kramer loves to learn. He is also a member of the Kindness Club at Siuslaw Elementary School. ]According to his mother, Ariel Kramer, Quoyle loves to read about all types of things, especially books having to do with science and nature.     

His curiosity and his love of books have been part of who Quoyle is for much of his life, she said. He also worries that other young people don’t have the opportunity to read about all the things he finds interesting in the world.

“My son is in the Kindness Club at school and they each needed to come up with a service project,” Ariel said. “He really loves to read and thought it would be nice for kids who don’t have the same opportunities that he has, to have the chance to read their own books. So he came up with the idea for a book drive for kids.”

Kramer has contacted Siuslaw Outreach Services (SOS) and the support organization will be taking some of the donations to distribute to children in crisis. Other books will be donated to the Department of Humans Services for distribution.

SOS Director Bob Teter said the willingness of students involved with the Kindness Club to think of how they can help others is inspiring to students, but also to the volunteers and staff at SOS.

“The Kindness Club was at SOS recently for a tour and Quoyle found about what we do here. He loves to read and he wanted to share his love of books with kids,” Teter said. “He wanted to give kids that are unhappy or in a crisis situation the chance to read about something they might like or be interested in.

“It’s really inspiring that a student at such a young age is willing to do everything he can to help other young people have the chance to feel better about themselves and their lives.”

Ariel said people interested in assisting in her son’s project should consider donating not only new books, but books that might have been read previously.

“The books can be new or even slightly used, but still in good shape,” she said.

The book drive will take place from through April 30. Donated books can be dropped off in the drop box at the elementary school.

“We are hoping to collect books of all different types for the kids, and we hope people will contribute by donating books through the end of the month,” Ariel said.

The drop off box at the elementary school is in the lobby and is clearly marked.

Crystal Osburn is an administrative assistant at the elementary school who works closely with the students. She believes the book project is a good example of the work done by the students participating in the Kindness Club.

“We are very excited about this book drive. We are so grateful to have a student at our elementary school that is really going above and beyond for our community,” Osburn said. “We look forward to seeing how many books we can deliver to SOS and the DHS office for all those in need.”

For more information on the book drive or to donate money or books directly, call Ariel Kramer at 541-905-2842.

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