Siuslaw News to return to weekly news

Wednesday-only editions begin July 6 for Florence’s community newspaper

June 22, 2022 — Today, News Media Corporation and Central Coast Publishing announce that Siuslaw News, Florence’s community newspaper, will be returning to once a week publication. The newspaper converted to twice-weekly print editions in July 2000 after 110 years running once a week.

Starting in July, the 132-year-old newspaper will only have a print publication on Wednesdays. This will allow staff to focus resources on producing more local news in a more timely manner on, our seven-day online news website, as well as more in-depth coverage in print on Wednesday.

“This change will not reduce the amount of stories we write about Florence, Mapleton and the upriver communities,” said Editor Chantelle Meyer. “Instead, it allows us to focus on the digital side of the news with more frequent updates.”

Readers can still expect to find two sections in their Wednesday paper, both of which will expand to include additional content, as well as TV listings, Classifieds and Kid Scoop. This also means more room for advertisements. In addition, Siuslaw News will continue to publish its regular special sections, like the monthly Center Stage and annual publications like Midcoast Wave, Business Profile and Senior Living.

The website’s daily updates will be for news and sports, as well as including more community announcements and events.

Publisher Jenna Bartlett said, “We sincerely thank our subscribers and advertisers for their support over the years. It matters to us now more than ever. We’re here not only for you, but because of you.”

Like other businesses across the U.S., the newspaper industry is experiencing increased costs in raw materials — paper, ink and gas, among them. Coupled with higher costs of living these days, News Media Corporation saw this as a solution, rather than further reducing the newspaper’s staff.

While some positions will have reduced hours, this means that Siuslaw News will not have to downsize. Presently, it employs three people in editorial, two people in marketing, two people in composition, two in administration and one driver.

“We looked at every solution so we would not have to lose staff,” Bartlett said. “Our employees have families here and belong to the community, just as much as the Siuslaw News. We didn’t want to lose any of them.”

Just as important to the newspaper staff are the readers — all 4,000 of you in the community who pick up the print or online editions of the news.

It should be noted that Siuslaw News’ subscription rates will change, as will the cost of each edition. The cost for each week’s paper will go up to $1.25. However, subscribers will get the best value with their $65 per year auto-renewed subscription because they will have unlimited access to everything on the website.

Advertisers will also need to work with their representative on their annual packages.

Bartlett has met with several large advertisers who currently publish in both editions of the news. She said they were accepting of the change.

“We all understand the realities of running businesses in 2022,” Bartlett said. “While this is a big change for all of us, we want to continue serving the Siuslaw community now and into the future. This is how we can move forward.”

When Siuslaw News first shifted to twice-weekly publication in 2000, then-Editor Bob Serra wrote, “We will focus on the increased opportunities and challenges. … We know the Siuslaw News will be a better publication and we pledge our efforts in that direction” (“Sacred Sounds,” July 19, 2000).

Similarly, now, the news is focused on the increased opportunities available by concentrating on a comprehensive Wednesday print publication and a website that can better keep current with life in the Siuslaw.

Siuslaw News, 148 Maple St., is open Monday to Friday. Visit online at