SHS Mario Kart team opens with victory

Siuslaw Mario Kart team captain Husky Scribner celebrates a victory. Scribner is the captain of the Viking Mario Kart team. Photos courtesy Siuslaw eSport team

Madras over Siuslaw in Super Smash Bros

Oct. 3, 2022 — The Siuslaw eSports teams opened the fall season last week with a win on the racetrack and close loss to Madras at “Super Smash Brothers".

On Sept. 29, the Siuslaw Mario Kart team beat ASCEND Online, of Kamloops, British Columbia, in the Vikings’ opening “Mario Kart” match of the season.

Captain freshman Husky Scribner and their team of freshmen Maddie Condy, Holden Kurth and Ethan Spencer and senior Ian Young had little trouble with the team from Canada and won 10 of 12 races.

“Mario Kart” is an arcade racing game starring the Mario Brothers and their band of misfit characters. Students race four versus four against their opponents.

In addition to playing “Mario Kart,” Young is the captain of the Siuslaw “Super Smash Bros.” team. He is joined by freshmen Miles James and Spencer. This is a fast-paced combat game featuring popular characters from various Nintendo games. Students battle one on one against their opponent.

Siuslaw faced Madras High on Wednesday and fell 2-1. James was the lone winner for Siuslaw (2-0).

Young was the captain of last year’s team that placed 7th out of 45 in their “Super Smash Bros.” league.

Siuslaw educators Patrick Looney and Eddie Mielke are the coaches of the eSports teams.

The teams play league games every week after school at 4 p.m. Wednesdays for “Super Smash Bros.” and Thursdays for “Mario Kart.” The league is facilitated by PlayVS, which provides eSports opportunities to schools across the country.

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