SHS Biz Tech is Best-in-Show

Team ties for first as competition

Feb. 10, 2023 - 

Siuslaw’s Business Tech students competed in an event in Eugene Jan. 20-22. It was Business teacher Eddie Meilke’s team’s first competition — something that clearly had no barring on the team’s ultimate potential. 

Siuslaw finished tied for first in its field and was named “Best-in-Show” at the end of the event. 

The Siuslaw competitive marketing team is made up of five students: senior Noel Hernandez, juniors Quinn Hammond, Sean Martinez and Jordan Strickland, and freshman Savannah Petrovic.

Even being the team’s first event, Meilke and the group were familiar with this style competition as it is similar to the one the Viking codeORcreate team attended earlier in the year. Both events were put on by Connected Lane County. 

This one was called the ‘marketingJAM’ and was held at Connected Lane County’s lab and maker studio in downtown Eugene called Spark on 7th.

The team arrived at the competition Friday, Jan. 20, and was given a choice of three Eugene-area non-profit firms in need of a marketing plan. Siuslaw, along with seven other teams, chose Bags of Love, a charity which "provides necessities and comfort items to children who are in crisis due to neglect, abuse, poverty or homelessness" and got to work immediately.

First the teams researched the organization to assess its needs. They then spent the next approximately 48 hours working on their plan and presentation.

Each team was assigned a marketing professional from Eugene/Springfield for guidance and advice. The Viking’s pro was Hailey Pratt, digital marketing specialist at Lane Transit District (LTD).

“Ms. Pratt's expertise and tutelage was greatly appreciated,” said Coach Meilke.

The Siuslaw team immediately got to work brainstorming, strategizing and developing a marketing plan. Seven other schools had also chosen Bags of Love, so the Viks knew they’d have to come up with a way to stand out.

On day two of the competition, Saturday, Jan. 21, the team from Siuslaw began to put its plan into effect.

Hernandez and Strickland began working on a new, refreshed website.

Petrovic designed logos and swag on a digital drawing pad.

Martinez took on social media and other digital marketing.

Hammond was in charge of pamphlets, brochures and other deliverables.

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After the busy second day, the team stayed in Eugene. They unwound with dinner and Voodoo Doughnuts, then went back at it before bed and first thing in the morning of day three.

Sunday, Jan. 22, was the final day of the competition — and it was a busy one.

The team put together a proposal and presentation. Team members rehearsed — then rehearsed some more. Finally, they presented to a panel of industry professionals. 

“Siuslaw’s hard work paid off even against stiff competition,” said Coach Meilke.

Team Siuslaw finished tied for first in the crowded field of teams that chose Bags of Love. After that, they were named first place overall and Best-in-Show.

The students each won $100 in gift cards and the team will now have the opportunity to take on Bags of Love as a real-life client. 

“This was a great experience for Siuslaw business students to stretch their brains and learn from industry professionals,” Meilke said after the event.

According to Meilke, Siuslaw’s business and tech programs hope to make this event an annual tradition.

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