Shouldn't be happening; Recycling efforts add up — Letters to the Editor, Feb. 1, 2020

Shouldn’t be happening in this country

I read the story in the Siuslaw News about the recent March for Life (“Local Gathering Supports March For Life,” Jan. 29).

It leaves me puzzled.

I have a hard time understanding this thinking. Abortion is a last choice when women have no other option. No one knows the situation a woman is facing and perhaps there is no one to help her after the baby is born.

I just can’t see how this is the business of anyone else.

Statistics I’ve read have shown that after Roe v Wade was passed, the abortion rate went down as did the death of pregnant women.

So why work to change the law and put women at risk again? 

Of even greater concern for me is what our government is doing at our southern border with thousands of children being held in filthy cages with subhuman care and many of them reportedly being sexually abused.

Meanwhile, a new private industry is making millions of dollars at these children’s expense. The most terrible part of this is that it appears it is being done deliberately to keep people from coming to our country for help.

Don’t these children count? Or is it merely an extension of an immigration policy targeting people based on the color of their skin, country of origin or whether they are crippled or poor?

Well, I think our statue of liberty is crying, as am I. This should not be happening in this country; those children are damaged forever — and that is not forgivable.

—Nancy Rickard


Everyone’s small plastic recycling efforts add up

On Sunday, Jan. 26,  I took my No. 2, 4 and 5 plastics — all cleaned-up and without labels — to the  collection site at the Florence United Methodist Church. 

It was a busy place but extremely well-organized. At least six stations were set up, so I was in and out in no time.

Although my containers were a small contribution, all of the plastic turned in surely added up.

Thank you to those many volunteers, Master Recyclers, Lane Co. and Vision for helping me do my little bit.

Hopefully, I’ll have less plastic at the next collection date on April 18. 

—Mary Lehman



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