SES students get in harmony with nature


Camp Baker hosts first grade field trip

June 18, 2022 — On June 14 and 15, first graders from Siuslaw Elementary got to spend almost two whole school days outside at Camp Baker, a Boy Scout Camp on Siltcoos Lake.

Four classes were in attendance for the event. The classes rotated between four stations over the two days, each with a different activity. Each class wore different color t-shirts to differentiate from each other.

On the first day, Station 1 was a service project. The campers dipped their hands in big buckets of paint then left their imprint on Camp Baker’s propane tank, turning what would normally be a boring white tank into a work of art.

At Station 1 on the second day, students met in the lodge for a Library Card Ceremony where students received library cards.

They were painting at Station 2 on day one also, only this time the medium was much smaller. First graders gathered rocks from around camp and painted them all shades of colors.

On the second day students went for a nature walk when they reached Station 2.

Station 3 was all about journaling. On day one, students created nature journals. On day two, the students filled their journals with nature materials they had gathered. They also learned to do leaf imprints.

At Station 4, the students learned the important scout skill of fire safety. They played charades around the fire and made s’mores. On the second day, Station 4 was in the lodge, where kids ate cold s’mores and talked about scouting. 

Numerous parents volunteered with each class.

The event could never have happened without the help of community volunteers and community organizations that donated their time and/or money.

“Rotary donated all of the money we needed for the trip and supplies and sent volunteers,” said Rebecca Welch, a first-grade teacher at Siuslaw whose class attended the event. “Siuslaw Public Library is distributing library cards and volunteering. Oregon Pacific Bank is sending multiple volunteers to help on both days. Boy Scouts of America significantly reduced the price for us to have our field trip at Camp Baker and sent volunteers.”

Camp Baker has been serving scouts and local school children for over 50 years. For more information, go to