See what Florence wants; Where are the cleaners; New policy at Pearly Gates — Letters to the Editor, March 20, 2019

Let’s really see what Florence wants

I am opposed to the placement of any large visually distracting mural at the intersection approach to highway 101 and 126 for the following reasons.

Motorist approaching from the east already have many directional signs to observe and select the directions they wish to go. There are seven possible turning points at the site of the proposed mural.

The proposed PAC mural, with its bright colors and graffiti-type figures, would pose and extreme visual distraction. In my opinion the style and graphic representations are not reflective of the spirit of Florence as seen in the other murals in town.

In addition, this section of highway 126 already has a problem area with the pedestrian crosswalk recently installed between Spruce and Quince Streets.

I note the city has found it necessary to cover over the flasher buttons as they were too disruptive to traffic. While funds have been expended already on the mural the potential for the City being sued could well out weigh that cost.

At the very least a well advertised public hearing should be held. I note there were hearings in December at the height of the holiday season and during a time when much of the population of Florence was sick with a virus and was avoiding public contact.

Lets really see what the population of Florence wants on this matter.  

​Bruce Jarvis



Where have all the cleaners gone?

Why is there no maid service in Florence? And by that I mean a legit, insured business that has proper coverage both in case of damage to a clients property or injuries sustained by the workers.

I was quite shocked to discover that none of the national chains had any coverage in the region, and a call to the Chamber of Commerce confirmed that not a single local business exists. This makes no sense to me. It would seem like a no-brainer that a town with such a high percentage of retirees could sustain a thriving maid service.

I mean, wiping countertops is one thing, scrubbing stubborn bathroom tiles with arthritic knees and fingers is something else altogether.

Sure, there are hand-written notes offering all sorts of services including cleaning to be found on community boards around town, but elderly in particular may not be comfortable letting a complete stranger into their house.

And what if that person has an accident? A simple slip on the stairs could open a legal can of worms about as pleasant as a trip to the dentist.

I guess this is my way of putting up a flag that there is a great opportunity for a hard-working person to become his or her own boss with a minimal start-up investment. So who will salute and capture this large, completely neglected market?

—Matt Danielsson



New policy at The Pearly Gates could be a problem

After seeing some of the vitriol posted on Facebook in regards to the proposed mural, I feel it’s a good time to remind folk that there’s a new policy at the Pearly Gates of Heaven:

Saint Peter now reads your internet comments out loud.

All of them.

—Ed Gunderson



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