Scotch Broom rules should be enforced equally

It seems those peoperties ignore city code, allowing Scotch Broom to expand undeterred

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June 8, 2019 — On May 22, the Siuslaw News published a press release regarding the Florence City Code that prohibits property owners from planting and growing invasive species such as Scotch Broom. Since the Scotch Broom was introduced here in Florence, it has spread up Highway 101 to Astoria and Highway 126 all the way to Eugene.

Scotch Broom is identifiable by the bright yellow flowers this time of year. While not seen so much on residential properties, they are growing in huge quantities on government-controlled and corporate properties in and around Florence.

The largest groves of Scotch Broom can readily be seen on the vacant properties surrounding Spruce Point on Ninth Street, on the golf course and port properties on Kingwood; at the entrance to Waste Management; the Humane Society property on Rhododendron Drive; the property across the street from the Florence Events Center; the Port of Siuslaw in Old Town; and under the water tower on 35th street.

It seems those properties ignore city code, allowing Scotch Broom to expand undeterred.

I would like to request the City of Florence require its own local government and commercial property owners to abide by the same rules as the rest of us and rid their properties of Scotch Broom.


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